Dosa Maker: A Must-Have Appliance for Chefs in Making


If you are a budding chef, we are sure you might have a dream to own a shiny and swanky kitchen with all kinds of modern appliances and utensils. From a fancy microwave oven to a noodle and pasta maker, you need all the appliances that will help you prepare mouth-watering cuisines for your family and friends. However, there are times your family members may crave Indian dishes such as dosas or uttapam.

Making dosas from the scratch is very difficult, which is the reason why many of us prefer ordering from a restaurant. However, if you are worried about the health and well-being of your family members, you need to buy a chilla and dosa maker. The revolutionary product will also help you take a step further toward your goal of becoming an all-rounder chef. From preparing round, thin and delicious dosas and chillas to crepes and omelettes, you can pamper your friends and family with something new every day. Here’s why you need a chilla and dosa maker from Kent. Read On!

You Crave for Perfection

Craving for perfection is nothing new for chefs. From getting the right taste to making perfectly shaped dosas and more, chefs tend to spend a lot of time achieving perfection. If you happen to be in the same club, a dosa maker will help you prepare the perfect dosas within minutes. This product takes up little space, comes at a pocket-friendly price, and makes perfect round, the thin and delicious chilla, dosa, crepes, and more.

Chilla Maker

Healthy Cooking on Your Mind

Preparing a healthy and tasty breakfast can be difficult, especially in the morning when everyone is in rush. Preparing dosa in a regular pan needs a lot of oil which makes it an unhealthy option. The revolutionary appliance, however, enables you to prepare oil-free and perfect dosas and crepes within minutes making it an ideal kitchen appliance.

Looking for Easy-to-Use Appliances

Preparing dishes with appliances that are hard to use can be a tedious task. Cooking can become easy if you have the right cooking appliances to help you. When it comes to preparing South Indian Dishes, preparing the dough and getting the perfect shape is a hassle, especially if you are not an expert. However, with easy-to-use appliances such as Kent Chilla and Dosa Maker, preparing delicious dishes without any hassle will no more a dream.

You Believe in No Mess Cooking

Believe it or not, the entire process of making dosa is quite messy. Spills are usual while aiming to pour the batter perfectly on the pan. However, with this amazing appliance, you can be sure of zero spills and mess-free cooking. All you would need to do is to place the pan on the batter, flip back and wait for the edges to turn brown. To increase thickness, keep the appliance dipped in the batter for a longer duration.

You Have an Experimental Nature

Apart from dosas, if you love preparing different dishes, you can get a KENT chilla, and a dosa maker helps you prepare different types of snacks. The revolutionary product helps you prepare healthy, tasty, and oil-free snacks without any effort. Not only chilla and dosa, but you can even make omelettes, crepes, and a lot more with this revolutionary appliance.


Modern kitchen appliances are not just luxury items but are also necessities considering the fact that we have time constraints. Smart appliances help you prepare a healthy meal without compromising on the taste. If you don’t have the right kitchen essentials, there is no point in spending on fancy ingredients and cookbooks.


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