Make Healthy Snacks At Home with Kent Noodles & Pasta Maker

Noodle, pasta, momo maker

Fast foods are always loved by all, especially noodles and pasta because it tastes yummy and delicious. Noodles and pasta are always regarded as the favorite snacks for all and it is mostly loved by kids. Such snacks always drool your kids and they run towards the street vendors or to the fast-food corner to have them. But do you know, that consuming such food would always affect their health? Yes, it is true because you don’t know how it is made and how hygienic it can be?  Every 7 out of 10 kids prefers to eat outside. This can be a matter of concern for every parent regarding their kid’s health as every parent wants to give healthy food to their kids.

Why Home-Made Pasta and Noodles are Preferred

Keeping this as a concern, Kent has introduced Kent Noodles & Pasta Maker, which is an alternative to street food. Being a smart chef appliance, it will allow you to make your own noodles and pasta in a hygienic manner and have a home-cooked snack for your kids and even for your family members. Though you can have the pasta noodles from any grocery store, everyone would prefer and appreciate making it at home. Because you can make it in a personalized manner and even as per your taste and preferences.

kids eating healthy noodles at home

This wonderful appliance would help in creating homemade, fresh, and delicious noodles and pasta anytime you want to. You can make it by simply adding the needed ingredients according to your taste and preferences. One of the major advantages of using this smart chef appliance is that you can significantly increase the taste quality of the snacks. Fresh noodles or pasta would always be more delicious compared to that store-bought or packaged pasta. Thus, by using this simple machine you can make fresh noodles at home that would easily serve the demand of snacks anytime you want to.

Know More about Kent Noodles & Pasta Maker

Everyone would love making pasta and noodles from scratch, so here is Kent Noodles and Pasta maker for you all. This is the easiest way to make healthier and hygienic snacks compared to the packed ones. You can get rid of pre-packed pasta and even preservatives. With Kent Noodles and Pasta maker, you can use low-fat ingredients and make the snacks with wheat or multi-grain as per your taste and preferences.

Some of the features of Kent Noodles & Pasta Maker are:

  • You can enjoy fresh flavored pasta & noodles anytime you want to
  • Auto mixing, kneading, and extruding
  • No manual intervention
  • You can have customized flavor and taste by adding ingredients
  • Enjoy eating hygienic snacks
  • Smart drawer for storing the accessories and shaping dies
  • Easy to assemble and dismantle

Kent Noodle and pasta maker

Besides this, the Kent Noodles and Pasta also come with different accessories for easy operation. It has 3 dies for making noodles, 3 for making pasta (Macaroni, Linguine, and Tagliatella), 2 dies for making momos and gujias, and a round dough cutter. The product is excellently designed, to fit your kitchen appliances. It is also easy to assemble and dismantle. The appliance allows you to easily clean the product and again fix it without even taking any assistance from the technician.

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So, why waste money eating noodles and pasta from fast food corner/van, when you have Kent Noodles and a pasta maker for you. This kitchen appliance is excellent in design and it would allow you to make taste and flavored snacks within no time. Serve your kids and family member by making the snacks in a hygienic way.


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