Ways to Stay Safe from Airborne Diseases this Winter

Airborne diseases

Pollution in India is rising day by day. Also, every winter, airborne diseases shoot up. Kids and the elderly are at a higher risk of contracting airborne infections. One of the leading causes of airborne diseases is not only the drop in temperature but also the rise in pollution levels. However, indoor air pollution is much more harmful than outdoor air pollution. Therefore, it is important to take necessary measures to prevent deadly airborne diseases. Did you know why is there an increase in airborne diseases in winter? Here, we’ve given tried to answer this question, along with providing information about the causes of airborne diseases and ways to prevent them.

Causes of Airborne Diseases- Why Does it Spread Quickly in Winter?

A common question that many people have in their minds is why do diseases spread so quickly in winter? The reason is the disease-causing viruses change so quickly that your body is rarely prepared for the next season. The antibodies present in your body don’t recognize the virus, which is the reason why you lose immunity. As you spend more time indoors in the winter, you are in close contact with people carrying germs. The cold weather also wears down your immune system against infection. The short days of winter have low sunlight, which lowers your level of Vitamin D, weakening your immune system. This prevents the white blood vessels from reaching the mucous membrane and killing the viruses, which slip past your defense system unnoticed.

Ways to Prevent Airborne Diseases

Here are some of the ways you can stay safe from airborne pollutants.

Use an Air Purifier

Kent Alps+ UV air purifier

KENT’s Alps+ UV Air Purifiers is a high-tech air purifier with UV LEDs and a purity indicator. It’s made to address all your concerns about air quality. It removes air pollutants, bacteria, viruses, and germs from contaminated indoor air, leaving only clean and fresh air for you and your family’s health. The sophisticated HEPA filter removes 2.5 microns of particulate matter and uses a three-step method to remove 99.97% of air pollutants.

Moisten the Indoor Air

If the indoor air at home or workplace is quite dry, the flu germs tend to stick around for a longer period of time. In such a scenario, you need to run a humidifier makes it difficult for illnesses to spread. The moist air causes airborne germs to drop to the ground which makes them less likely to infect your family members.

Clean your Home Thoroughly

Areas such as doorknobs and keyboards are a paradise for germs and airborne viruses. Some of the viruses that cause the common cold can survive on surfaces for months. Touching the surfaces which have germs increase your chances of getting sick. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove germs and keep your home clean.

Taking the above suggestions into consideration can help prevent airborne diseases. It would be best to get a suitable air purifier for fresh and clean indoor air in your home. Make sure you choose the best one. You can check out the complete range of Air Purifiers offered by KENT to select the most suitable and affordable air purifier for your home.

Last Few Words

Air-borne diseases are quite common in winter, which makes it important to take the right steps to stay safe. In addition to eating healthy, you also need to place an air purifier at home to stay safe. HEPA air purifiers catch and trap indoor air pollutants, which prevent allergies, asthma, and other health problems. To find out more about HEPA Air Purifiers, click here.

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