Water Pollution and Its Smart Purification Process

Water Pollution

Today, the rate of which you would find the water sources are getting polluted has caused the environmentalists to follow rigorous measures on monitoring the water and making it safe for the common mass. Different proposals are being made to ensure bring up safety and quality of water. Along with the proposals, people also need to be informed regarding the safety of the water and the different prospects to keep water safe from getting polluted.

There are many reasons that explain how water gets contaminated and these are mentioned below:

Polluted Ground Water

We throw a lot of wastes in the ground and this makes the water polluted. The lands that are being covered with wastes get washed by the rain water or they get absorbed by the ground. Due to rain or flood, waters run-offs and these flows through canals and roads, which eventually reaches to streams, rivers and making it adulterate. The polluted water again meets all the debris that you throw on the ground making it more contaminated.

Several studies have shown that the polluted water that run-offs through the river, streams, and lakes, make the ground water adulterated. This groundwater is again bored from deep-well water and used for drinking and many other purposes.

polluted ground water

Farm Water (Pesticides) Run-offs

The areas that are near to farms and other agricultural zones are found to be very contaminating and the reason is, these lands are being added with pesticides for farming. Again the rainwater washes these lands and draws the contaminated water to rivers, and streams, which indirectly we drink it thereby making ourselves unhealthy. It is the farm run-off water that is highly added with nitrogen and phosphorous making it contaminated. This has again made the rivers acidic and disrupted the marine life as well.

These are few important and the common aspects that explain about why water gets polluted. People after comprehending this has come up with an option to drink bottled water, but that is also not safe for consumption. It is studied that about a 3rd of bottled water is filled with public water supplies and that is to a surprise it may contain contaminants. Consumers are not at all aware of how the bottled water is made and thus they get cheated and after drinking it many people gets affected by it.

How to Keep Yourself Safe from Contaminated Water and Stay Healthy?

It is everyone’s concern to drink safe water and stay healthy. But how can we do so? The answer would be by using home filtration or water purifiers and removing the impurities and making the water safe for consumption. Using the water purifier can at least provide the guarantee that the water you drink would be free from contaminants. Talking about water purifier, you would find that KENT has brought for you a wide range of water purifiers that are added with cutting edge technology and smart purification process. Depending on your need you can opt for either wall mounted RO+UV+UF water purifier, Under the counter RO water purifier, Gravity based water purifier or UV based water purifier. All the water purifier are designed with perfection and these can allow you to stay healthy by drinking safe and 100% pure water.

Purification Process:

In the purification process, the inlet water in the first place is filtered by sediment filter, where the physical particles are removed. The next is the carbon filter, where bad odors and colors (if in water) are also removed, this is wherein the initial stage the water gets filtered. The water purifier also has UV lamp and UF membrane added in it that would again purify the water and make it 100% pure for consumption. The Ultraviolet rays deactivate the contaminants and eliminate the growth of bacteria and virus from water and make it safe for consumption.

Purification Process

How are KENT Water Purifiers Efficient?

KENT mineral RO water purifier not only helps in removing the impurities efficiently and make the water 100% pure and safe for consumption. The purifiers act in removing toxins as well that include lead, mercury, arsenic and etc. from the water. Not only this, the RO purifier also holds the ability to retain the essential minerals in purified water and make the water best fit for drinking.

Kent RO water Purifier

You can easily search for the best RO water purifiers and pick one of your choices. The products are available online as well, which means you can easily grab it at cost-effective manner according to your need and preferences. Purchase the water purifier now and stay protected from waterborne diseases.


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