Remove Contaminants from Water with RO+UV/UF Purification System

Which Impurities are removed from water by RO?

Drinking water/staying hydrated is necessary, irrespective of the season, to stay healthy and hydrated. However, do you know that people have a lot of choices in terms of selecting the kind of water that they want to drink? You can drink bottled water, distilled water or even water after purifying through reverse osmosis. Among the different purification processes, an RO purifier provides you clean, refreshing and purified water by removing the contaminants and making it safe for consumption. Drinking contaminated water leads to health problems, so it is very important that you drink water that is pure for consumption. The usage of the reverse osmosis system can drastically reduce the unwanted contaminants, microscopic organisms, and heavy metals from water.

Which Impurities are Removed from Water by RO?

Reverse osmosis water purification process can remove contaminants like copper, selenium, fluoride, total dissolved solids, cysts, bacteria, and many other pathogens. So, if drinking pure water is your concern and this is what you want, then make sure that you opt for reverse osmosis process of drinking system. Reverse Osmosis can reduce sodium from water and make it soft for drinking. It can also excel in removing all the chemical and physical impurities in water and make it safe for consumption.

Though during the RO process minerals also get removed, thanks to the TDS controller that helps in retaining the essential minerals in water and make it safe for consumption. RO purifier can filter water that comes from all sources and this is one of the advantages that you would experience.

System That Removes Impurities From Water

Water Filtration Systems: Purifying Water for Clean, Healthy Consumption

1. Filtration:

Water filtration systems employ various filters and media to remove impurities from water. These filters effectively trap and eliminate sediment, particles, rust, and other solid contaminants, providing cleaner and clearer water.

2. Disinfection:

Disinfection methods, such as chlorination or UV irradiation, are used to destroy harmful microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, and parasites present in water. This step ensures that the water is safe for drinking and reduces the risk of waterborne diseases.

3. Reverse Osmosis (RO):

RO systems use a semipermeable membrane to remove dissolved impurities, such as salts, heavy metals, and chemicals, from the water. This process separates the water molecules from the contaminants, resulting in purified water that is free from a wide range of substances.

4. Distillation:

Distillation involves heating water to create steam, which is then condensed back into liquid form. This process effectively removes contaminants with higher boiling points, such as minerals, metals, and certain chemicals, ensuring purified water.

5. Activated Carbon Adsorption:

Water purification systems often utilize activated carbon filters that adsorb organic compounds, chlorine, and unpleasant odors and tastes from the water. This improves the overall taste and smell of the water, making it more appealing for consumption.

How Effective is the UV Water Purification Process?

The next means of water purification technology is through Ultraviolet, which would help in deactivating the micro-organisms from the water and make it safe for consumption. There is a lot of complex science irrespective to the process of UV water purification. Water that enters in the raw form flows through the steel chamber and there it gets exposed to the UV light. The ultraviolet lamp completely deactivates the bacteria and other waterborne pathogens thereby making the water is safe for consumption.

Impurities in water

It is the UV light that perfectly disables the bacteria, viruses and even the cysts by strongly attacking and at the same time disrupting their DNA. So, any microorganism, who’s DNA gets damaged, it no longer holds the ability to reproduce or function. Besides, if the water purifier is added with UF technology, it even helps in removing the dead bacteria from water and make it purer for consumption. This explains that it can no longer cause any harm or infection, which means that the water is safe for drinking.

List of Best RO+UV/UF Home Water Purifiers:

KENT Grand Star Water Purifier

The first water purifier that is ideal for domestic and office use is KENT Grand Star, a Next Gen RO water purifier. At the heart of the water purifier is a combination of RO+UV+UF+TDS Controller, which not only removes dissolved impurities but also maintains the level of essential minerals. A unique feature of the product is in-tank UV disinfection and digital display of purity. The in-tank UV disinfection makes sure that the stored water is free of germs and microorganisms. The digital display of purity keeps the users informed about the filter life, status of the tank, and purified water quality.

Features of KENT Grand Star  Next Gen RO Water Purifier:

  • 9 liters of water storing capacity
  • Suitable for filtering water from all sources
  • Water level indicator to identify the quantity of  stored water in it
  • In-tank UV Infection
  • Digital display of purity
  • Save Water Technology to reduce wastage
  • Multistage purification process
  • ABS food grade plastic body construction

KENT Grand+ Water Purifier

KENT Grand+ is also one of the most preferred mineral RO water purifiers with an elegant wall-mounted design,  transparent cover and a water level indicator. The water purifier uses multi-stage purification process of RO+UV+UF with TDS controller to eliminate all the dissolved impurities from water and make it safe for drinking. The water purifier also comes with ‘Save Water Technology’ that helps in reducing wastage. The rejected water can be stored in a separate tank and used for different household purposes.

KENT Grand Plus

Features of KENT Grand Plus RO Water Purifier:

  • 9 liters of water storing capacity
  • Suitable for filtering water that comes from different sources
  • Water level indicator to identify the stored water in it
  • Computer controlled operation auto shut off and auto on function
  • Save Water Technology
  • In-tank UV disinfection to keep stored water germ-free
  • ABS food grade plastic body construction

Kent Prime Plus Water Purifier

The third water purifier on our list is KENT Prime Plus. The Next-Gen RO purifier is water purifier with in-tank UV disinfection technology. This feature is ideal for keeping stored water germ-free and safe for consumption. The digital display feature keeps you updated about the filter life, quality of purified water. The water purifier also comes with Save Water Technology to reduce water wastage.

KENT Prime Plus


KENT Prime Plus Features:

  • Water purifier with UV disinfection technology
  • 9 Litre Storage tank with water level indicator
  • Save Water Technology
  • Digital display of purity
  • Fully automatic operation, with auto-on and auto-off function
  • High purification capacity of 20 liters/hour
  • Wall-mounted design
  • ABS food grade plastic body construction


So, if you want to drink pure and safe water then the best thing you can do is to install a KENT mineral RO water purifier, which can remove the contaminants from water and make it pure.

Install a water purifier now and drink pure water!

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