Harmful Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination in Drinking Water

Harmful Effects of Heavy Metal Contamination in Drinking Water

Are you aware of the level of water pollution? Today, heavy metal contamination in drinking water poses a threat to humans and is often the root cause of various severe health issues such as cancer, organ damage and other serious health issues. The presence of heavy metals cannot be seen with naked eyes and can be detected by a water test.  The heavy metals are slow poison to your health as they didn’t have any immediate effects in your body.

Heavy metals can enter the water supply through industrial, urban, and domestic waste and also from acid rain releasing toxic heavy metals into the water bodies and entering the water supply.  The rapid industrialization

What are Heavy Metals?

Heavy metals are a metallic elements which are toxic and have a high density, specific gravity, or atomic weight. They are found naturally in the earth crust, but due to indiscriminate human activities their geochemical and biochemical balance have drastically changed and they enter our drinking water supply.

There are some essential heavy metals which human body requires in trace amounts such as Cobalt, copper, zinc, and manganese but in the excessive amount, it can be detrimental to your health.

Exactly how risky a metal can depend on several factors, including the dose and means of exposure. However, certain heavy metals are of grave concern as they can harm different organs even at low exposure levels.

Other heavy metals found in drinking water such as lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium has no beneficial effects on your body. In fact, their accumulation inside the body can cause severe health problems.

Harmful effects of heavy metals in Human Body

The human body can’t discharge these metals and they continue amassing inside the body. It doesn’t have a prompt impact on the body, however, can bring about major long lasting issues a large portion of them influencing the brain. It can bring about reduced mental and central nervous function. It also causes harm in lungs, liver, kidneys, and other vital organs. Heavy metals are also known as carcinogens that can cause cancer.

Young kids are more susceptible to the harmful effects of heavy metals because their body is in the developing stage. The continuous accumulation of heavy metals in children’s body can affect their nervous system which can lead to learning difficulties, memory impairment and furthermore result in behavioural issues in the form of aggression and hyperactivity. Below mentioned are the health


Enters through the leaching of soil because of acid rain, coal consuming, industrial, household and mining waste. Mercury in drinking water can cause damage to the nervous system and kidneys.


Lead in the drinking water usually comes from the corrosion of old pipes. The presence of lead in the drinking water can cause damage to the kidney, nervous system, and learning difficulties.

Cadmium (Cd):

It is the by-product of the mining and smelting of lead and zinc Cadmium enter the water supply from mining, and plastic industries, as well as sewage it can cause kidney diseases.


Arsenic is the most widely recognized reason for heavy metal poisoning in adults. Arsenic is discharged into nature by the refining procedure of copper, zinc, and lead, and also by the manufacturing of chemicals and glasses. Arsenic contamination in drinking water can cause damage your skin, liver, and eyes and may also cause cancer.

How to remove heavy metal

The only solution to get rid of heavy metal contamination in drinking water is to get the best water purification system. RO purification is the only process that is highly capable of removing the toxic heavy metals from the drinking water. KENT RO water purifiers can effectively remove the heavy metals from the drinking water and also retain its natural essential minerals and gives you the purest drinking water. Bring your best water purifier to your home and create a protected environment for your loved ones.


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