How Egg Boiler Helps You Boil Perfect Egg? The Perfect Egg Boiling Guide


For a long time, eggs have been a part of our diet, which is the primary source of essential nutrients and protein for good health. Although there are different ways to boil eggs, many people don’t know how to boil eggs. Also, sometimes they get overboiled because of not knowing how much time it will take to boil the eggs. Moreover, if you’re also tired of standing in the kitchen while boiling eggs to know when they will be cooked, you must choose the Egg Boilers by Kent. With the egg boiler, you can get your eggs boiled in no time. Doesn’t it seem perfect? The egg boiler can boil up to seven eggs within 3 minutes. Isn’t it a smart appliance?

Apart from this, the egg boiler is easy to use and time-saving. Also, you can make soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs as per your preference. Hence, Kent Egg Boiler machine can be a good choice if you’re looking to make it easy to cook eggs. Furthermore, the egg boiler includes numerous features such as three boiling modes (Soft/Medium/Hard), automatic power off, and cooks seven eggs at a time that making it an ideal appliance for the kitchen.

Reasons Why You Must Buy Kent Egg Boiler

  • Saves time – Do you know how much time it takes to boil an egg? Usually, it takes more than 10 minutes to boil an egg. However, with KENT Egg Boilers, you can make up to seven perfectly boiled eggs within 3 minutes with its one-touch operation.
  • Doesn’t overcook – Egg boiler from the house of KENT boils the eggs as per your preference. You can select how you want your egg; soft, medium, or hard. Along with this, it includes an automatic power-off feature that automatically turns the boiler off once the eggs are perfectly boiled. These perfectly cooked eggs can help you make protein rich dishes such as scotch eggs, egg curries, and egg sandwiches.
  • Boils eggs without breaking: Through the traditional way of boiling eggs, you would get undercooked, overcooked, or cracked eggs. Since the egg boiler has an automatic shutdown feature that makes sure every egg is cooked perfectly.
  • Doesn’t overflow water: Egg boilers come with the user manual through which you can know how much water the boiler needs to cook eggs. Also, the automatic turn-off feature plays an essential role by turning the boiler automatically when the eggs are cooked.
  • 3 Modes of Boiling: Since eggs are a primary source of protein, everyone should have 2 to 4 eggs daily to get the necessary nutrients. The Kent Egg Boiler is a perfect appliance to boil soft, medium, or hard-boiled eggs.
  • Easy to Manage: For your safety, it is necessary that you should know how to boil eggs. The KENT Egg Boiler comes with a user guide that makes it easy for everyone to operate the boiler. Hence, you must get an egg boiler to boil eggs in no time effortlessly.
  • Comes with accessories: Egg boilers come with a needle pin to easily pierce the eggs before boiling. It also includes a water measuring cup that enables the correct amount of water to be added as per your preference and how many eggs you need to boil.

How to Use Egg boiler

  1. Place the Instant Egg Boiler on a dry, sturdy, flat surface.
  2. Fill the provided measuring cup with normal water depending on the desired hardness and the number of eggs, using the respective markings on the measuring cup or as per the table here. For example, if you want 4 medium-boiled eggs, fill the water cup to the line that corresponds with the medium egg line and the number four: Pour water into the water tray.

Recommended water quantity to boil Eggs

No of Eggs Hard
(water Quantity)
(Water Quantity)
(Water Quantity)
1 66ml 40ml 33ml
2 64ml 37ml 30ml
3 60ml 34ml 27ml
4 56ml 31ml 24ml
5 53ml 28ml 21ml
6 and 7 50ml 25ml 18ml

3. Pierce the blunt end of the eggs with an egg piercer, as it prevents the eggs from bursting or cracking during the boiling process.
4. Place the egg holder on the boiler, and place the eggs. Close the lid once done.
5. Plug into the wall outlet and turn it on by pushing the ON/OFF switch. The control light will illuminate.
6. When the eggs are ready, the light will turn off, but the products must be manually switched off.
7. If you plan to serve the eggs immediately, switch off the appliance. If you want to keep the eggs warm, leave the appliance on until you are ready to serve them.
8. Remove the egg holder with the eggs from the water tray and hold them under normal water in case you want to serve them immediately after boiling. Switch off the appliance otherwise, the eggs will continue to bail and become harder.
9. After a short cool-down time of approximately 5 minutes, you may use the Instant Egg Bailer again.
10. Unplug the appliance after use.


  • Use extreme caution as the stainless steel lid becomes extremely hot. Always use the handle to remove the lid.
  • During use, the steam hole on the top of the lid gets very hot. Do not touch or cover the steam hole when in use.

Boiling Eggs in 6 Easy Steps

1. Add water according to no. of Eggs.
2. Pierce the Eggs.
3. Add the Required number of eggs
4. Switch on the instant egg boiler.
5. Get perfectly boiled eggs
6. Automatically switched off when the water dries out.


Through the above information, you must have got to know why you should opt for Kent Egg Boiler. It saves time and is easy to handle. So, you can boil eggs without any hassle. Hence, an egg boiler is a must-have item for your kitchen as it saves your time and provides a perfect protein-rich breakfast or snack. Moreover, if you don’t know how to boil eggs, this product is ideal for you. Furthermore, if you decide to purchase an egg boiler, you must go for the Kent Egg Boiler. It comes with numerous features that make cooking fun and is safe to use. You can also browse our website to check out the egg boilers and choose the ideal one for yourself.


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