Top 5 Must Have Fitness Goals For 2017

Xmas Eve is just around the corner, and so are all the yummy Xmas goodies. However, we wish we could just gorge on those Christmas delicacies and yet knock those extra calories. However, staying fit takes some discipline and hard work. To get over the guilt of gorging on plum cakes, brownies, and chocolates; most of our New Year Resolutions include a bevy of fitness plans. Sadly, all our resolutions meet with tragic ends. However, in case you want these resolutions to last for more than a year, we suggest you set realistic goals.

Lack of a realistic goal is like starting on a journey with no destination in mind. You kick start with loads of enthusiasm, but soon slack off. So instead of slowing down, put those new sneakers or gym membership to good use this year, by sticking to some realistic fitness goals. You can get the fit-fab body you always dreamed of with some of our top must-have fitness goals for 2017.

Goal 1- Drink enough water

Ditch the diet sodas, fruit juices, flavored water, etc. for pure, clean water. We all know that drinking enough water helps improve metabolism. We choose just to hear it and rarely start implementing the same. Your first goal should be to make an effort to have enough water every day. Just make sure you invest in one of the excellent water purifiers online, to ensure you are drinking clean and pure water.

Drinking water will improve your energy, reduce unnecessary hunger pangs, increase your concentration, and overall help you get fit faster.

Goal 2- Exercise more


Stop making excuses, ignore distractions, and start immediately! We all have a habit of procrastinating working out. We often postpone our gym membership, Zumba session, and yoga classes for weeks. Whether you are planning to lift weights or do squats, or walk, it is best to start immediately. If you feel you are going to get tired after work for a workout, why not get off your desk for a 5-minute water break and take the stairs.

The more active you are, the more energetic you will be, hence even if you can only exercise in intervals and for a short time, it will help you with your exercise targets. Also, make sure you focus on the muscle contractions while you are working out. It will help you get more attentive to your workout rather than the other things in your mind, which will only mean faster results.

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Goal 3- Eat healthily


Eating healthy will help you win 70% of your fitness battle. The healthy and appropriate amount of food will make the scale a delight to get on each morning. Also, it will also give you more energy to work out and convert the flab to muscle. But this one requires high resolve and willpower, needing you to create a lot of new eating habits. Small changes to your diet are better to start with, as it helps you gradually improve your eating habits and sustain this healthier lifestyle for a longer time.

So, for instance, you can start by trying to cut down on sweets or alcohol for a week, or not eat anything past 8 pm for two weeks, and so on. If you’re the kind of person who struggles with self-motivation, then joining a group can be a great idea to help you keep up with your diet goals.

Goal 4 – Do something more


Sign up for runs, or marathons, or go out on the weekend and try some new activities such as river rafting, golf, beach volleyball, etc. It will motivate you to be a little more active, and if you are participating in an event, then the result will give you a tremendous sense of achievement. But make sure you start with small changes and gradually set goals that are attainable and sustainable. Starting a new activity or doing something extra will help you get out of the daily routine and avoid getting bored with the same exercises. Try changing your exercise routine each month to prevent boredom to seep in. The different movement patterns of a new activity make your muscles work in a manner they aren’t used to hence improving results. Not only will your muscles respond to the changing stimuli, but also you are likely to target dormant muscles you may not have trained for a long time.

Goal 5- Don’t forget to rest


Finally, you need to make sure you are getting enough rest. Working harder than what your body can take, may cause opposite effects such as making you weak. In fact, continuous working out without rest may mean further breaking down of already injured tissues. Pushing through fatigue could even result in a slower metabolic rate, lower immune system, and loss of lean muscle mass in the long run. Being aware of the difference between when you are slacking off and when you are pushing too hard, can be the biggest help in getting maximum results from your fitness program.

So as you plan your training program for the coming year, be sure you keep these goals in mind. Goal setting is not to be ignored and could be one of the most crucial aspects of reaching your fitness targets and leading a healthy lifestyle.

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