4 Common Mistakes We Make When Cleaning the Mattresses

Cleaning the Mattresses

Keeping your home clean can be quite difficult, especially if you are working. While we pay special attention to keep the carpets and sofas clean, we generally forget to take special care to keep our beds clean. Many of us make the mistake of simply dusting our beds which doesn’t remove dust mites and other contaminants. A clean and hygienic bed is the secret to getting a good night’s sleep. As a result, it is equally necessary to keep the beds and mattresses clean. With the availability of a number of best vacuum cleaners online, it is no longer a hassle to keep your beds and mattresses clean. However, we still make some mistakes when it comes to cleaning our beds every morning.

Is your mattress making you sick?

You spend a third of your life sleeping; however, have you ever given a thought that you might be sleeping on a bed of contaminants? In fact, mattresses that are older than 10 years are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and dust mites. Your mattresses also contain a number of chemicals such as polyurethane, formaldehyde, and boric acid, which have a negative impact on your health. In addition, your bed may also be a paradise for dust mites, which is one of the major causes of allergy and breathing problems. In fact, an average mattress may have 10,000 to 2 million dust mites and the weight of the mattress may double after a decade as a result of the presence of dust mites (National Pest Management Association).

The Increased Risk of ‘Sick Bed Syndrome’

Are you aware of the fact that your bed may be making you sick? The presence of a lot of allergens and dust mites on your bed linen may also lead to ‘sickbed syndrome’. Human beings shed a lot of skin and a lot of it is found in the bed. The reason is dust mites like a warm environment, which makes your bed a perfect breeding place. Dust mites themselves are harmless, however, their feces trigger allergic reactions. As people spend a lot of time in their beds, mattresses are breeding grounds for micro-organisms, which lead to nasty illnesses. The only way to deal with the situation is to use a bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner.

Mistakes to Avoid when Cleaning Beds and Mattresses

Using a vacuum cleaner is not enough. You need to know the right way to vacuum to avoid the top mistakes that you may make when cleaning your beds and mattresses.

Using Water to Clean the Mattress

There may be instances when you may spill a drink on your mattress. The chances of spillage increase when you have kids at home. Whenever there is a spillage, we tend to wash the mattress using water and soap to remove the stains. This is a very common mistake that many homeowners make. Avoid wetting the mattress at any cost. Many mattress manufacturers specifically mention not to wet the mattress in case of spillage as it damages the mattress upholstery.

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Using a Beater to Clean the Mattress

Mattress contains a lot of dust and bugs that can be quite harmful to people with breathing problems or asthma. Most homeowners use a beater to clean the mattresses which doesn’t remove the dust mites or bugs. In fact, beating mattresses is not an effective way to remove dust from mattresses. Instead of beating the mattress, it is advisable to get a Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner which effectively collects dust. KENT bed and upholstery vacuum cleaners use a cyclonic technology that separates dust in a detachable cylindrical collection vessel or bin.

Using any type of Vacuum Cleaner

Another mistake that people make is using a normal vacuum cleaner to clean the beds and mattresses. Multi-purpose vacuum cleaners are not ideal for cleaning your beds and upholstery. These vacuum cleaners are not specifically designed to clean your beds and mattresses. A multi-purpose vacuum cleaner can definitely clean the floor, sofas, or furnishings but is not ideal for cleaning your bed and upholstery.

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Steam Cleaning a Mattress

Steam cleaners are ideal tools for removing grease as well as stains on hard surfaces. Many steam cleaners are marketed as disinfectants that kill bacteria and other pollutants. Though steam cleaners can kill bacteria from hard surfaces, these are definitely not recommended to clean your mattresses. The reason is steam cleaning the mattress may provide a favorable environment for mold and mildew infestation. Cleaning the mattress using a steam cleaner also makes the mattress less comfortable to sleep on.

Last Few Words

Those were some of the common mistakes that we make when cleaning their beds and mattresses. With the increasing amount of indoor pollution, it is essential to ensure that you take steps to keep the mattresses and beds clean using the right equipment such as the KENT Bed and Upholstery Vacuum Cleaner. If you want to know more about these best vacuum cleaners available online, visit https://www.kent.co.in/vacuum-cleaner/

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