Warm Vs Cold Water: Which One Should you Prefer?

Warm vs Cold Water

We have always been advised to drink sufficient water to keep away health problems. Though we pay a lot of attention to purifying drinking water using the best water purifier, we rarely give a thought to the temperature of the water. If you think the temperature of the water doesn’t matter at all, you may be wrong. Both cold and warm water has a lot of benefits and helps you stay healthy. The question, however, is when should you drink cold water and what is the right time to drink warm water. To clear your confusion, we discuss the right time to drink warm and cold water and its benefits.

Benefits of Drinking Warm Water

warm water

Though warm water is tasteless, it has a lot of benefits. Warm water also helps you in reducing caffeine and tea intake. However, ensure that you use a RO+UV water purifier to remove the contaminants from the water before warming it. Here are some of the benefits of drinking warm water.

1. Helps Digestion

A glass of warm water in the morning is great for cleansing your body as it flushes out toxins. Warm water plays an essential role in breaking down food and also keeps your digestive system healthy. You also need to drink warm water after meals as it breaks down food at a faster rate, thereby making the food items easy to digest. Consumption of cold water after a meal hardens the oil present in various food items making it difficult to digest food.

2. Helps in Detoxification

Nothing can help you detoxify your system better than a glass of warm water. The toxins present in your body enter your system through the food you eat, the environment, and stress is sticky and greasy. Warm water dissolves these toxins from your system and detoxifies your body. You can also add lemon juice, mint, and cucumber to improve the taste of the detox water.

3. Relief from Pain

If you have a headache or inflammation of any kind, it is advisable to drink a glass of warm water. Warm water stimulates blood flow, which makes it an excellent remedy for treating headaches and inflammation.

Benefits of Cold Water

Ice Cold Water

1. Lowers Body Temperature

Cold water is an excellent drink after you hit the gym. When you indulge in some strenuous exercise, your body temperature drastically increases. It is recommended to drink cold water after a workout as it helps to reduce body heat.

2. Reduces chances of Heat Stroke

Drinking cold water during summer is very beneficial for your health. Your body easily absorbs cold water as compared to warm water during summer. As a result, drinking a glass of cold water soothes your body and reduces the chances of heat stroke.

3. Helps Weight Loss

Another advantage of drinking cold water is it helps in losing weight. Drinking cold water boosts your metabolism which in turn burns the extra calories from your body.

When should your Avoid Warm or Cold Water?

Though both warm and cold water has a lot of benefits, there are some rules that you need to follow.

• Avoid drinking warm water right after exercising or when going home from the scorching heat. The reason is your body temperature is quite high post-workout. As your body temperature is already high, drinking warm water will harm you.

• Avoid drinking cold water immediately after eating. When you drink cold water, your body needs more energy to break down the food and takes a longer time to digest food. Slowing down the digestion process can also lead to indigestion.

Final Verdict

Ayurveda doesn’t recommend drinking cold water as it contracts your muscles. Drinking warm water improves blood circulation and also protects your internal organs. As a result, many people advise drinking warm water rather than cold. However, ensure that the water you drink has been purified of all impurities using a RO + UV water purifier to avoid water-borne diseases. If you are looking for the best quality UV water purifiers, visit https://www.kent.co.in/water-purifiers/uv/

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