Myth Busted: RO does not deprive water of its nutrients

Something that purifies water from various contaminants can deprive it of its essential nutrients also. Is this a myth or a proven fact? The article will help you in coming to a more resolute conclusion.

RO water purifiers are replacing the conventional carbon filters due to the high level of contaminants present in the tap or well water nowadays.  While some say that RO water purifiers deprive water of harmful minerals, others believe that RO purified water is tasteless. Before believing what others are saying, let’s have a look at some RO myths that are busted here.

Myth 1: RO purifiers remove healthy minerals from water

Such purifiers do remove minerals from tap water, but those are majorly the unhealthy, organic ones. As inorganic minerals are hard to be absorbed by our body, why worry about them being removed from the drinking water? Some RO purifiers end up removing natural minerals from your drinking water, but Kent RO water purifiers are there to make this a thing of the past.

Water purifiers from Kent use the revolutionary technology of RO+UV+UF+TDS controller to retain all essential nutrients for your improved health. The raw water passes through stages of purification that remove dissolved impurities, bacteria and cyst while retaining all essential minerals.

Myth 2: RO purified water is not healthy to drink

Critics claim that RO purified is no fit for drinking. According to them, water without essential minerals is fit only for industrial use. Putting an end to this myth, Kent has designed water purifiers that remove such suspended and dissolved impurities which just can’t be removed with simple boiling. As essential minerals are retained in the overall cleaning process, water purified using Mineral RO technology is as healthy as you want it to be for optimal health.

Many researches have supported the fact that reverse osmosis is the best way to treat water that is contaminated with harmful drugs and pharmaceuticals. So, doubting the effectiveness of the process of reverse osmosis is like exposing yourself to harmful traces of pharmaceutical components.

Myth 3: RO filtration leads to acidic water with low PH

It’s a common misconception that the reverse osmosis filtration not only devoid water of its essential minerals but also lowers its pH value. Detractors also back the idea that acidic water prevents our body from reaching the pH balance of 7.4 if consumed for a long period. But in reality, acidic water makes no major change in body’s pH balance. Other beverages that we frequently drink, like coffee and orange juice, also come under the acidic category. Our body’s natural tendency to achieve pH equilibrium helps in balancing any slight acidic variation.

Myth 4: Reverse Osmosis water takes away essential minerals from your body

It’s a common myth that demineralized water leaches water out of our body, but you need to relax! According to an article in Casa Grande Valley Newspapers Inc., the RO water is anytime better than municipally purified water, as it does not purge any mineral from your body. RO water purifier removes inorganic calcium from the body and this minimizes the chances of arthritis. Isn’t this great?

According to an article in Water Technology, a high level of Total Dissolved Solid (TDS) was found in the water of many states in India in 2014. This alarming fact has revolutionized the market for water purifiers in India. With myths around RO purified water busted, you can now have non-contaminated water with better assurance of purity. Healthy and pure, RO purified water is the best alternative in modern times when people are suffering from various water-borne diseases.

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