Love your Lungs? Beware of the Air you are Breathing


People think that staying indoors will protect them from the deadly air pollution of the busy streets but, the truth is opposite; the indoor air is significantly worse. Inhaling polluted air can affect employees’ productivity. One can face health impacts like cough, headache, fever, shortness of breath and sometimes general tiredness due to air pollution in offices. In severe conditions, asthma and have also been linked to air pollution in offices.

Indoor or Outdoor Pollution: Which is More Harmful?


Polluted air is present both indoor and outdoor and the former is 10 times worse than the latter. Outdoor air pollution consists of Carbon monoxide, Nitrogen Oxide, Sulfur dioxide, VOC and PM (2.5 and 10). On the other hand, indoor air comprises of tobacco smoke, the smell from building materials, paints, furniture, and many others. Exposure to these particles is dangerous to health because when you inhale such particles they travel deep into the lungs finally contributing to cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

Reducing Indoor Air Pollution in Offices: Is it Possible?

Indoor air pollution is the biggest killer and the organization should take necessary steps in reducing the level of indoor air pollution in office. It is the responsibility of the management to ensure that the ventilation system is functioning properly and even make sure that the air vents are not blocked.

  • Proper HVAC: The first thing that management needs to do is to work together to be certain about Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) of the office. It should be properly installed and the air filters should not be clogged. Besides, regular inspections should be done to make sure that the heating & cooling system is properly functioning.
  • Work Station Should be clean: Presence of dust, dirt, bacteria, mites, and mold pollutes your workplace and the management should take necessary steps to keep it clean. Using a vacuum cleaner can be helpful as this can not only trap the dust and dirt but also can remove pollutants thereby allowing you to live in a healthily.
  • Avoid Using Room Freshener: Using room freshener and other odor-masking fragrance can pollute the indoor air and this can harm the health of the employees. Instead of harmful chemicals, unscented beeswax candles can be used.
  • Install an Air Purifier: Installing an air purifier can be a solution to reduce air pollution. There are different air purifiers on the market that can be opted for but, it needs to be ensured that the model should have HEPA filter in it. Such air purifiers can effectively remove 99.9% of pollutants like PM 2.5, dust, pet hair, formaldehyde, and other pollutants thereby making the indoor air healthy and pollution free.

The Bottom Line

Air pollution in offices is a serious concern that can impact not just the productivity but even the health and livelihood of a person. As we spend most of our times indoor, it is important to have good indoor air quality that can safeguard your health and let you breathe clean air. Breathe healthy to live healthy!

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