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Are you sure that the water supplied to your house is clean and pure? Do you know that you need to still purify water before drinking? Yes, you should purify the water, because any supplied water that comes to your home is not safe for drinking. You would find plenty of contamination bacteria, cysts, lead and etc. present in the water supplied to your home. This can make you unhealthy and may even get encountered waterborne diseases. So, the easiest way to stay protected from waterborne disease is to install a water purifier and drink safe and pure water.

There are different brands of water purifiers available in the market, but KENT is one of the bests and widely preferable by the customers. The company has brought the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to India, which is used for purifying the tap water, supplied water, and the water that comes from any other sources. Under the wide range of water purifiers, there is a smart RO water purifier named KENT Superb. This smart RO water purifier is added with Mineral RO technology and smart features like real-time monitoring of purity, viewing the performance level, service history and etc.

Kent-Superb-Smart-FeaturesSmart Operation:

KENT Superb smart RO water purifier has a smart operation that is added with an interactive touch screen display. The smart operation would allow you to easily monitor the RO flow rate and even balance filter life, RO pump status, time, purified water quality, etc. The model has computer-controlled operations that include UV Fail Alarm, and Filter Change Alarm and would ensure to deliver safety and convenience during operation.

Double Purification Process:

The smart RO water purifier has double purification technology of RO + UV / UF with a TDS controller. The purification process helps in removing all the dissolved impurities such as chemicals, bacteria, viruses, and salts, from the water thereby making it pure and safe for drinking.

High Storage Capacity:

KENT Superb has high purified water storing capacity and which is 9 liters. The model has a digital interface that displays the rate of purified water. In addition to this, the water purifier has a high purification capacity as well and that explains more than 15 L/hr, which perfectly helps in providing the purified water at a faster rate.


Thanks to these exceptional features of this water purifier, Kent has been adjudged as the ‘Best Domestic Water Purifier Brand’ at UNESCO Water Digest Water Awards 2016-17 held on World Water Day.

In addition to the above-mentioned smart features, the water purifier is also designed using ABS food-grade plastic material that makes it durable and long-lasting. Moreover, the 11-watt UV lamp added to the purifier also helps in deactivating the micro-organisms, thereby making the water pure and free from microbes. All these features and the delivery of pure and safe water make KENT Superb a widely preferred water purifier throughout the world and has added countless satisfied customers to it.

So, whenever you think of buying an RO water purifier, choose KENT!

Difference Between UV and RO Water Purifiers Which is Better?

Feature UV Water Purifier RO Water Purifier
Purification Process Uses UV light to deactivate pathogens Uses a semi-permeable membrane to remove impurities and contaminants
Removes Bacteria/Viruses Yes Yes
Removes TDS No Yes
Removes Dissolved Solids No Yes
Suitable for Hard Water Yes, but not for high TDS Highly suitable, effectively treats hard water with high TDS
Maintenance Simple and regular Requires more maintenance, filter replacement, and membrane cleaning
Water Wastage None Produces wastewater while filtering
Mineral Retention Maintains essential minerals in water Removes most minerals, might require additional mineralization
Energy Consumption Low Moderate
Water Taste Doesn’t change taste Might alter taste due to mineral removal
Cost Generally more affordable Can be higher due to added technology and maintenance costs
Best Suited for Municipally treated water with low TDS Well water or water with high TDS, especially in areas with contamination
Overall Effectiveness Effective against microorganisms Effective against a wide range of impurities, including microorganisms

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is UV water safe to drink?

Yes, UV-treated water is safe to drink. UV purification exposes water to ultraviolet light, which effectively kills harmful microorganisms like bacteria and viruses, making the water free from their harmful effects. However, UV treatment doesn’t remove other contaminants or particles, so it’s most effective when used with already clear and relatively clean water sources.

2. Which water is best for drinking RO or UV?

The choice between RO (Reverse Osmosis) and UV (Ultraviolet) water purification depends on your water source. If your water has high levels of dissolved impurities like salts and minerals, RO is better as it removes these. UV is effective against bacteria and viruses but doesn’t remove dissolved solids. For most city-supplied water, UV may suffice, while RO is suitable for well water or areas with high contamination.

3. Is boiled water better than UV water?

Both boiled water and UV-treated water are safe options for drinking. Boiling water kills bacteria, viruses, and parasites, making it safe to consume. UV treatment also deactivates microorganisms without changing the water’s taste or chemistry. However, boiling requires energy and time, while UV treatment is quicker and doesn’t alter water properties. The choice depends on convenience and the initial quality of the water source.


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