Air Pollution-A Serious Threat To Human Health

Air pollution both indoor or outdoor is always a serious threat to the environmental health problem. It is adversely affecting everyone to be it in a developed or developing country like India. Air that has the presence of pollutants like nitrogen oxides (NOX), sulfur dioxide (SO2), ozone (O3) and particle substances (PM) makes it impure and hazardous to health. This polluted air damages the atmosphere and thereby creates a negative effect on the environment that becomes harmful to human health. The pollution has undoubtedly risen high to the dangerous level and this results in different negative air pollution consequences and health-related issues.

Causes, Effects and Solutions of Air pollution

Causes of Air Pollution

Air pollutants that include smoke, soot, dust, fog, steam, and etc. make the air continuously hazardous for health. There are different major sources of air pollution and these are burning fuels in automobiles, industries, and homes. In addition to these, burning of wood, as well as charcoal, also results in air pollution. Besides this, noxious gases like carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and sulfur dioxide are also few causes of air pollution.

A study says that air pollutant has contributed to increasing the rate of mortality and hospital admissions. It is due to the air pollution that human health has got affected and people are facing problems like nausea, chest pain, skin irritation, and many others. Respiratory diseases like lung cancer as well as emphysema can also occur due to air pollution.

 causes of air pollution

What is Particle Pollution/Particulate Matter

Talking about the health issues due to air pollution, particle pollutions/particulate matter are also very much responsible. It is a mixture of solids as well as liquid droplets. The particles that are less than or equal to 10 micrometers in diameter are very small and these can easily get into the lungs thereby causing serious health problems.

Fine particles (PM2.5): Dust particles with PM 2.5 micrometers in diameter are very small and it cannot be seen by naked eyes but can be visible only with an electron microscope. Such finest particles that are produced from the power plant, motor vehicle, residential wood burning, agricultural burning and etc. Due to the contraction of this pollutant, people can face heart or lung diseases.

Effects of Air Pollution

It is not a surprising fact that air pollution has become a serious threat to human health. Every breath you take, you inhale numerous air pollutants, which can deteriorate your health. Several studies have revealed that due to the connection of the particle pollution one can get exposed to a variety of health issues that includes:

  • Irritation of the nose, eyes, and throat
  • Tightness in chest and shortness of breath
  • An obstacle in lung function
  • Uneven heartbeat
  • Heart or lung disease

In addition to these, some other negative effects of air pollution on health are also observed and these are:

  • Frequency of chronic asthma cases
  • Problem of coughing/phlegm
  • Acute disorders of the upper respiratory system
  • Reduction in productivity & production

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Solution for Air Pollution

Air pollution, be it indoor or outdoor, both are bad for human health and you need to get rid of these so that you can stay healthy. A study says that indoor air is very harmful than the outdoor, and you can get rid of it by making it fresh and pure by installing an air purifier. There are different brands in the market and of all KENT is regarded as the best.

KENT has introduced Kent Aura and Kent Alps+ HEPA air purifier that is designed with perfection and cutting-edge technology that can help in removing the particulate matters from the air. Both these air purifier has an anti-bacterial coating that can assist in eliminating the bacteria from the air. In addition, KENT Alps+ comes with a real-time air quality monitor, which helps you keep a track of the air quality in a room. The air purifiers also effectively remove bacteria, PM 2.5 particulate matter and even the SPM (suspended particulate matter) that are present in the indoor air and make it safe for consumption.


Advantages of using KENT Air Purifier:

  • It can clean the air making it 99.9 percent dust-free
  • Make your room free from bacteria
  • Catches and traps harmful pollutants
  • Effectively removes PM 2.5 and SPM

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It is not just the indoor atmosphere that gets affected by air pollution, your car cabin can also get affected by the air pollutants. The foul smell, tobacco smoke, are some of the examples if it. To eradicate these pollutants and make sure that you breathe in fresh and clean air, installing car air purifier is the simplest solution.

KENT has come up with KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, which uses HEPA technology to trap the hazardous pollutants (PM 2.5 and SPM) present inside the car and deliver clean and fresh air. The air purifier also has a carbon filter present in it that effectively absorbs any odour/foul smell present in the air and deliver pure and fresh air.


If you want to keep your indoor space clean and free from polluted air, make sure that you purchase KENT air purifier today. The air purifier might support in removing the impurities and contaminants from the air and make the surrounding free from odours and gasses.

Breathe fresh air that is free from bacteria and other pollutants with KENT’s best air purifier India!

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