5 Points to Consider When Buying a Water Purifier

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier 

Water contamination is a serious concern as it can lead to several health problems. Drinking contaminated water is not only dangerous for kids but may also cause a lot of problems for adults. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, water contamination can occur either naturally or because of human activity. As a result, it is necessary to install the best RO water purifiers at home to ensure that you drink healthy and safe. KENT provides some of the best water purifiers in India that remove dissolved impurities and make water completely safe for consumption. However, there are certain important factors that you need to know before buying a water purifier. In this blog, we discuss 5 important factors that you need to consider when looking for the best RO water purifier.

Buying Guide for Water Purifier in 2023

Below mentioned are the 5 points to consider before buying an RO Water purifier:

  • You Need to Test the Water Quality
  • Water Purifiers Eliminate Specific Contaminants
  • You Need to Change the Filters at Regular Intervals
  • Consider the Cost of Filter Replacement
  • Consider the amount of water your family drinks

1. You Need to Test the Water Quality

One of the factors that we tend to ignore is testing the water quality before choosing a purifier. The one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t apply to water purifiers which makes it essential to check the water quality before making the final decision. You can get the help of a professional to test the water quality and make the final decision based on the types of contaminants present in water.

You can also gauge the water quality at home as a primary step. Here are some of the steps through you can gauge the water quality at home:

  1. Smell the Water: Use your olfactory senses to gauge the quality of water. If you find a bleach smell in the water, then it is because of the chlorine added to your water by the local treatment plant. If you find rotten-egg smell, then it indicates bacterial growth in the water. Musty or earthy smell indicates decaying of organic matter in the water.
  2. Check the Taste: Check the quality of water using your taste buds. If the water tastes foul or has a metallic taste, then it has low Ph levels or has excess mineral content. Excess chlorine in water results in taste like bleach.
  3. Presence of Particles: See if the water has any visible minute particles in it. Generally, tiny rust particles can be witnesses in water due to rusts in pipes and faucets. Other than this, if the water appears to be cloudy, then it indicates high calcium and magnesium content present in the water.
  4. Check the Color: If the color of the water is brown or pale yellow, then it suggests the immediate need for a water purifier. The brown, murkier discolored water can again be the result of rusty pipes and faucets.
  5. Corrosion build-up: Check for corrosion build-up in your pipes and faucets. You can see blue, white or rust-colored build up in pipes, which indicates the presence of foreign particles in the water.

2. Water Purifiers Eliminate Specific Contaminants

Water purifiers use a combination of technologies to remove contaminants from water. However, this doesn’t imply that all the water purifiers can remove the different kinds of impurities present in water. Before buying a water purifier, test the water quality in your area to know which water purifier will be best for you. Depending on the water quality in your area, you can decide whether to opt for RO or UV water purifiers. In addition, you also need to check whether the water purifier has NSF-Certification.

These are the general categories of water contamination:

  • Biological: The presence of microbes leads to biological contamination. Such as the presence of bacteria, viruses, protozoan, and parasites.
  • Chemical: Chemical contamination is generally man-made. Such as the presence of bleach, salts, pesticides and likewise.
  • Physical: Physical contaminations are mainly sediment or organic material that are suspended in the water. These impurities affect the physical appearance of the water.

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3. You Need to Change the Filters at Regular Intervals

All the water purifiers work in the same way. Water passes through a removable cartridge which is filled with different filtering medium such as activated charcoal. As these filter do all the heavy duty work, it gets clogged after a certain period of time. When the filters are clogged, the water purifier will not purify water with efficiency. To ensure that you keep drinking safe water, follow the instruction about filter change mentioned by the manufacturer. Water purifiers from KENT come with an alarm that alerts you when you need to change the filter.

4. Consider the Cost of Filter Replacement

Before making the final decision, ensure that you consider the cost of replacing the filters. The cost may vary depending on the type and model of water purifier that you use. To avoid any confusion and inconvenience in the future, get a clear information about the cost of repairing the filters. Another smart step that you can take is to opt for AMC which will help in reducing the repair and replacement costs.

5. Consider the amount of water your family drinks

When looking for a water purifier, don’t forget to consider the family size. The reason is water purifiers come with a storage capacity to ensure that you get purified water even in the absence of electricity. So, before making the final decision include the amount of water your family consumes and also consider the water used for cooking. If you have a big family, it is advisable to go for counter-top or under the counter water purifier.

Last Few Words

Those were some of the important factors that you need to consider when buying a water purifier. Following the steps mentioned will ensure that you buy the right purifier that meets your specific requirements. If you are looking for best RO, you can check out the range of products by KENT. You can also give a call at 9582-123456 to get a free demo of the products or visit for more information.

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