Planning to Buy an Under-the-Counter Water Purifier? Here’s what you need to Know

Under the counter water purifier

Water purifiers have become a necessity rather than a luxury item, thanks to the increasing amount of contamination. Depending on the quality of water that you receive, you can choose among RO, UV or UF water purifiers. Wall-mounted and table-top water purifiers have been quite common choices when it comes to selecting a water purifier. These types of water purifiers can be easily installed in traditional Indian style homes. However, installing these water purifiers in modular kitchens can be a difficult task as these also eat up a lot of space. In such a scenario, you can opt for under-the-counter water purifiers. The blog discusses in detail the features, advantages, and factors to consider when installing under sink water purifiers. Read on.

What is Under the Sink RO?

Water purifiers are a must for every home. However, a lot of them lack enough space to be installed in the kitchen or at times can alter the look of your kitchen. An under-the-sink RO is your best bet in such a scenario as it can be easily tucked in your kitchen to save space and avoid making any changes to the kitchen. Similar to any other purifiers, the under-the-sink RO Purifiers are equipped with different purification processes that remove different types of impurities from water to make it safe for use. The tap of the water purifier can be directly attached to the washbasin so that you can use purified water not just for drinking but also for cooking.

What makes Under The Counter Water Purifiers Different?

As the name suggests, under the counter water purifiers are placed under your kitchen counter or sink, which helps in saving a lot of space. The space-saving feature makes the appliance different from the other types of water purifiers available in the market. The best part such water purifiers can be directly connected to your kitchen tap or refrigerators.

How does it Work?

Under-the-Sink water purifiers work in a similar way as wall-mounted RO water purifiers. The only difference between under- the- counter and wall-mounted RO water purifiers is the installation and their look. Under-the- Counter water purifiers use the latest purification techniques to purify the water and make it suitable for consumption. However, the flow rate of under the counter water purifiers is quite high as compared to the wall-mounted or tabletop purifiers, thanks to the hydrostatic tanks available with the purifiers. As a result, these water purifiers need less time to fill a bottle as compared to other types of water purifiers.

Benefits of Under-the- Sink Water Filter

Under-the-sink water purifiers not only ensure that you drink safe water but also has a number of other benefits. The water purifiers are gaining a lot of popularity, thanks to their space-saving design. Here are some of the benefits of under the sink water filters:

Saves Counter-top Space

One of the main advantages of under- the- counter water purifier is its space-saving design. These water purifiers stay hidden under the sink, which also adds to the look of your kitchen. You can only see the faucet of the water purifier. In short, these water purifiers don’t require you to make any adjustments on your kitchen countertop to accommodate it.

High Flow Rate

Another advantage of under-the-counter water purifiers is its high flow rate. The water purifiers use a hydrostatic tank and as a result, the water comes out with good flow and pressure. The hydrostatic tanks maintain optimal pressure which contributes to the high flow rate of water. The high pressure ensures that you can fill a bottle of water in 10-15 seconds.

Doesn’t Spill Water

The main advantage of under-the-counter water purifier is it doesn’t spill water. These water purifiers come with a curved tap which is fitted on the sink and is placed next to the main water tap. Whenever you need to fill water, just put the bottle in the sink and start the tap.

Food Tastes Better

Did you know that the water that you use alters the taste of food? Water is an important part of food preparation. While some of the food items need to be boiled beforehand others use water as one of the main ingredients. Boiling or steaming may eliminate some mineral content in water, however, the water can still alter the taste of your food items. When you use RO purified water from an under-counter water purifier, you will notice a difference in the taste of the foods that you cook.

Tap Water Tastes Better

If you use bottled water because your tap water doesn’t taste good, it’s time for a change. The bottled water that you use without any hesitation contains a lot of harmful chemicals. The number of unfiltered contaminants makes tap water unpleasant to drink. When you install an under-the-counter water purifier, it removes the chemicals that give a distinct taste and odor to the water. The clean water that you use is free of any pungent smell or taste.

What are the Important Factors to Check?

Ease of Installation

Under-the-counter water purifiers dispense water through a tap. When purchasing under-the-counter water purifiers, make sure that the tap or faucet is available with the purifier. If there is no tap or faucet available, you will need to buy it separately.


Maintenance is necessary for the water purifiers to function smoothly. This is the reason it is essential to choose an under-the-sink water purifier that needs less maintenance. Filters, which are the most important part of a water purifier, need regular change for under the sink purifiers. Make sure you change the filters whenever the alarm goes off.


This is another important point that you need to consider. Not just the initial cost of buying the appliance, but you also need to consider some other important factors like the maintenance cost, filter change cost before making the final decision.

Dirt-Free Area

Make sure that the place where the water purifier will be installed is dirt-free. There should be no leakage from the sink beneath which you need to place the water purifier. The place where the water purifier will be installed needs to be clean and hygienic.

Availability of Power Supply:

The water purifier needs to be connected to a socket for power supply. Make sure the place where the water purifier is placed has a wall socket to avoid any problems during the installation process.

Continuous Supply of Running Water

Under-the-counter water purifiers need a continuous supply of running water to operate smoothly. Ensure that the sink where you plan to install the water purifier has a continuous supply of running water.

Space for Tap

The kitchen top should have a hole so that you can fix the tap. If your kitchen top doesn’t have space for fixing the tap, make sure that you drill a hole to fix the tap of the water purifier.

Top 4 Under the Sink Water Purifiers from KENT

Top 4 Best Under Sink Water Purifier from KENT


KENT provides a range of under the sink water purifiers that are a perfect fit for modular kitchens. Here’s a brief introduction to the different types of under the sink water purifiers and their essential features.

KENT Excell+

The under the counter water purifier from KENT is ideal for modular kitchens. The water purifier can easily purify water from different sources. The patented Mineral ROTM technology retains the essential minerals in water to make it fit for consumption. The optional 7 liters storage tank ensures that users get access to clean drinking water even in the absence of electricity.


An advanced under the counter water purifier, KENT Gem provides safe and clean drinking water. The combination of RO+ UF purification technologies ensures that the water that you receive after the purification process is completely safe for consumption. The patented TDS Control system of the water purifier ensures that the water you drink has all the essential minerals in it.

KENT Sterling

KENT Sterling is stylish under the counter water purifier that comes with the patented Mineral ROTM technology and TDS controller. The double purification of RO+UF helps remove dissolved impurities and microorganisms and make water safe for consumption. The water purifier is ideal for under the counter as well as side by side placement with the refrigerator.

KENT Sterling+

A new and advanced water purifier, KENT Sterling+ uses a combination of RO+UV+UF that helps remove impurities from water and makes it safe for consumption. Similar to the other under the counter water purifiers, KENT Sterling+ also comes with KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM technology that intelligently retains all the essential nutrients to make water safe for consumption.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking a water purifier that saves space, check out under-the-counter water purifiers. Make sure that you have all the facilities available to install the water purifier without any hassles. However, ensure that you take the help of a professional for installing the water purifier. KENT provides some of the top quality under-the-counter water purifiers that can purify water from different sources such as bore-wells, overhead tank, and municipal corporation water. For more information visit, our website or call us at 9582-123456 to get a free demo.

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