Why Water Purifier is a Necessity Rather Than an Option

Purifier is a necessity

Water is essential for everyone to live a healthy life and drinking clean, safe, and pure water is a necessity. Being regarded as a vital source of everyone’s life, water is also a good solvent. It has the ability to dissolve any substances like chemicals, pollutants and etc. in it. If you drink such kind of water, it can be a life-threatening situation for you. Since water would contain a plethora of bacteria and viruses and other micro-organisms, and if you drink it, it can lead to waterborne diseases. Though you may think that the tap water that you receive might be purified but it could still contain contaminants as it passes through pipelines, tankers, etc.

Why Water Purifier become a Necessity?

In this case, some think that boiling water would destroy pathogens, which is to some extent true, but it cannot eliminate the dissolved solids. In this case, a water purifier can be very helpful as this can ensure safe drinking water every time you want to. The water is made clean by the application of water purifiers. It can strip away all kinds of germs and toxins from water and make it potable. To some extent, the water purifier can also transform the hard water into soft thereby making it more suitable for usage. Keeping these prospects in mind you should install a water purifier so that you can drink pure water whenever you want to.

Benefits of using a water purifier

Drinking of contaminated water can let you to experience many diseases related to the hardness of arteries, dry skin, diarrhea, Hepatitis B, and even cancers. So, if you want to get rid of such diseases, you should install a water purifier and stay away from waterborne diseases.

Which water purifier to Opt for?

The most common reason why people want to opt for a water purifier is that they can feel the refining taste of the water. Water purifiers and very useful because they can allow safe drinking water and live a healthy life. The best thing about water purifiers is that they can be effortlessly installed and you don’t need to be concerned about any complex processes regarding the filtration of water. So, using a water purifier allows you to drink your daily water and let you stay fit and enjoyable.


Which water purifier to select

Now, that you have understood why you should install a water purifier, the question is which water purifier you should purchase? While purchasing a water purifier you should keep in mind that to select the one that best suits your requirements and at the same time it provides you value for money. The more important thing that you should check is the TDS level of water, then only you would be able to select the best and the most suitable water purifier for your home.

Different Types of Water Purifiers?

RO Water Purifier

After checking the level of TDS in water, if you find that it is very high, then an RO water purifier would be the best. Reverse Osmosis (RO) water purifier is the best suitable purifier to treat hard water. It can also remove dissolved materials, and contaminants and can even effectively remove microorganisms. The water purifier is designed using a semi-permeable membrane where the physical impurities are removed.

RO Water Purifiers

Some of the advantages of RO water purifier:

  • It is the best solution to treat hard water
  • The process can remove lead, mercury, Arsenic, and Chlorine from the raw water
  • It also excellently removes Cryptosporidium found in lakes, river, and public supply water.

UV Water Purifier

UV water purifiers are used where the TDS level is low. These water purifiers are very effective as they can remove the micro-organisms from water and block the point of entry in the water purifier. Such purifiers are widely recommended because they can remove the micro-organisms like E.coli, Cryptosporidium, and other types of bacteria and viruses in the water and make it suitable for consumption.

UV water purifier

Some advantages of UV water purifier are:

  • UV purification process does not require any chemicals during the filtration process
  • It can effectively kill disease-causing micro-organisms and make the water pure for consumption
  • It requires very little energy to run
  • It requires low maintenance

Gravity bases water purifier

The next type of water purifier is Gravity based water purifier that do not use electricity for filtration. Such water purifiers use activated carbon or UF to absorb the impurities from the water and make it safe for consumption. UF contains a bunch of hollow fibers of the membrane, where the impurities stick to it and as a result, only pure water passes for drinking.

UF water purifier

Advantages of Gravity based water purifiers

  • These water purifiers work without electricity
  • Removes dirt and other particles
  • Removes residual chemicals
  • Absorb impurities in Water
  • It also removes parasites and pesticide impurities

The Bottom Line:

Thus, in order to ensure that you drink safe and pure water, the utilization of a water purifier is a must and it is a necessity as well. So, depending on the TDS level of the water, you can install a suitable water purifier and stay healthy.


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