Top 5 Morning Rituals Every Woman Should Follow

Snoozing for those extra fifteen minutes, hurriedly finishing up the morning chores, and then, rushing to the office! Does this sound familiar to the routine you follow every morning? Women of today find themselves in the tug-of-war situation between home and work. No wonder, finding ‘me time’ becomes a luxury.  But, worry not! We have a few tips to save you from your everyday hassles. We advise you to follow these simple rituals to breeze through your hectic schedule.

Replace caffeine drinks with lemon-water combo


Starting the day with the kick of caffeine does more harm than good. Cortisol is the hormone that wakes you up every morning. But, once you make your body dependent on caffeine, even the cortisol hormone gives up on its set task. You become heavily dependent on tea and coffee to stay active during the latter part of the day.

We suggest you have the water-lemon combo on an empty stomach in the morning. Lemon will help in keeping the digestive system right, and the warm water will flush out toxins from your body. But, make sure that the water you are drinking is free from contaminants. After all, you don’t want to take in something polluted the first thing in the morning. It’s better to invest in an efficient water purifier to enjoy optimal health for years.

Plan breakfast menu in advance


Plan a week’s breakfast menu in advance, so that you don’t waste significant time every morning thinking about what to cook. Traditional breakfast options like poha, upma and chila are easy to make and get digested quickly. You can also look for on-the-go breakfast options like salted almonds and veggie sandwiches. Visit the grocery store during the weekends to collect all ingredients you would need to sail through the weekdays stress-free.

You also need to swear by a glass of juice every morning, as the nutrients are absorbed the most when taken empty stomach. Try fresh juices over packaged ones. Pasteurized juices are condensed and preserved with high sugar content. This adds more calories to the body. Choose cold-pressed juicers over centrifugal ones for better taste and higher nutrition. Efficient cold-pressed juicers to take much less time to produce juices that are loaded with essential vitamins and minerals.

Pick up the outfit a day before


Last-minute outfit ideas for the day will only leave you confused about whether you are doing justice to an occasion or not. So, it’s a wise step to select your outfit for the following day, the night before. Don’t forget to take out matching accessories and footwear that are just perfect for the chosen outfit.

Organize your office bag a night before

The embarrassment of missing an important office file is something every woman wants to avoid. Why let anyone blame your dedication towards work when the real culprit is the unorganized morning routine you follow? Organize your office bag in advance with all the necessary documents in place.

While you are consolidating the things to be kept in the office bag, don’t forget about the make-up kit. Even if you don’t get time to apply make-up at home, you can do the same in the office or even while traveling. After all, we love to live life on the move and we love to do it in style! Chalk out a 30-minute exercise routine


Once you stick to the morning rituals mentioned above, you are expected to get some free time for yourself. Utilize the time by following a 30-minute exercise routine. Fitness activities not only keep your body toned but also do wonders for your energy level. The more you work out, the more active you feel all day long. Chalk out the exercises to be done and follow the routine religiously for a ‘real’ good morning.

A steady but planned start to the day can keep you organized throughout. It’s always good to have a planned morning than a run-of-the-mill start for the day.  


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