Why Should You Buy KENT’s Next Gen Water Purifiers?

Kent's Next Gen Purifiers

With polluted water continuing to damage the health of a large number of people in different parts of the country, KENT has launched 4 new models of water purifiers equipped with next-generation technology. But before we reveal the unique features of the new models, let’s see what causes water pollution and the best way to tackle it.

Causes of Water Pollution

 Generally speaking, the water which we drink is either sourced from a river or pumped from under the ground. Unfortunately, both these sources have been badly polluted due to the dumping of industrial wastes, agricultural effluents such as insecticides and pesticides, chemicals such as arsenic and fluoride, and radioactive wastes. Municipal bodies do not have facilities to remove these soluble chemicals which cause diseases such as cholera, jaundice, dysentery, and even cancer.

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Water Purification Methods


 To avoid falling prey to such diseases, people have to use a modern water purifier. KENT, a market leader in RO water purifiers, has a wide range of water purifiers including RO Purifiers, Gravity Filters, and UV Water Purifiers. Its cutting-edge technology models use all three modern filtration technologies – UF (Ultrafiltration which removes physical impurities and bacteria), UV (Ultra Violet which kills bacteria and viruses but does not remove dissolved impurities such as pesticides, rust, arsenic, and fluoride), and RO (reverse osmosis) which is the most advanced water filtration method to remove all kind of impurities, including dissolved chemicals.

In fact, besides removing lead, mercury, arsenic, and other impurities from the water, KENT’s RO water purifiers come fitted with a TDS (total dissolved solids) controller that holds the ability to retain the essential minerals in the purified water.

KENT’s Unique Purity Protection Technology

Taking water purification to the next level, KENT has recently launched 4 more models which rule out all chances of any kind of impurity creeping into the purified water. The unique features of these models are UV-LED light protection in the water storage tank and an LCD digital display of purity.

Advantages of UV-LED Light Protection

Sometimes when we go on long holidays, and the purified water stored in the tank of water purifier is not used for days together, it is likely to get infected with bacteria & viruses. It is to guard against this infection that KENT has made provision of UV-LED light in the purifier’s storage tank which keeps the water pure at all times.

How Beneficial is the Digital Display of Purity?

Aimed at providing additional confidence to the purifier user, the provision of a digital display of purity helps to know the water quality in real-time. The digital display also shows other important performance parameters such as filter life, mineral contents in the purified water, the flow rate of pure water, warning signs in case of any malfunction, etc.

 4 Years of Free Service

Another unique feature of KENT RO devices is that they come with world-class 4 years of free service. This free after-sales service is aimed at providing customers with prompt help and ensuring that whenever needed, only genuine parts are supplied instead of spurious parts available in the grey market.


 Those were some of the reasons why you need to bring home KENT’s Next-Gen Water Purifiers. The water purifiers ensure that you drink completely safe and pure water to stay away from diseases.

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