Ways to Beat Summer Headaches and Migraines

Headaches and Migraines

Summer is here and with the mercury rising every day, summer headaches and migraines are quite common. The chances of getting a headache increase whenever the temperature rises by nine degrees, according to a Neurological study. The same study also suggests that summer is the most common time for headaches. The reason is a migraine is a kind of response by your body to being active during the hottest time of the day. These headaches are at times accompanied by nausea and vomiting, thereby depriving you of proper sleep.

Causes of Summer Headaches

Here are some of the common reasons why you get severe headaches during summer.

Sensitivity to Sunlight

Summer headaches and migraines are quite common among people who are sensitive to sunlight. The reason is exposure to sunlight for long hours stresses the nerves and tissues of your head. The nerve endings swell up as a result of the high temperature. When the blood vessels dilate, you get a throbbing headache.


Another common reason for a summer headache is dehydration. During summer, our body loses a lot of fluid in the form of sweat. As a result of excessive loss of fluids, your body triggers headaches and migraines.

Change in Routine

With the onset of summer, there is a shift in your daily routine to adjust to the seasonal change. Changes in eating habits, meal schedule as well as sleeping routine, are directly related to headaches and migraine.

Excessive Sleeping

excessive sleeping

While many people are deprived of sleep, there are a lot of people who sleep excessively during summer. However, excessive sleeping during summer also triggers a migraine and headaches.

Ways to beat Summer Headache

If you too face a similar problem, here are some of the ways to beat summer headaches and migraine.

Drink a lot of water

Stay hydrated

The first step to beating a summer headache is by drinking enough water. When you sweat your body cools down, however, sweating also decreases the level of fluids in the body. Lack of fluids interferes with electrolyte and sodium levels. The loss of sodium and fluids trigger a migraine. As a result, it is extremely important to stay hydrated during summer to avoid headaches. In addition to drinking clean water, you can also include food items that are loaded with water such as cucumber.

Stay away from Bright Light

Another way to keep headaches at bay is by staying away from bright light. If you get frequent headaches, make sure that you protect your head from bright sunlight. The blood vessels on either side of the head swell when exposed to sunlight. The swelling is also accompanied by a severe headache. Wear sunglasses and cover your head with a scarf or use an umbrella when you step out during the day.

Follow a Healthy Diet

healthy diet

Irregular meals or skipping meals can lead to a migraine and headaches. Ensure that there is no drastic change in your routine and avoid skipping meals. Try to maintain a regular schedule even if you are on a holiday. In addition, make sure that you get enough sleep to avoid major headaches.

Last Few Words

Severe headaches and migraines are some of the most common and severe problems that many people face during summer. Following the tips mentioned above can go a long way in avoiding the problems of migraine and headaches. One of the easy ways to prevent summer headaches is by drinking clean and safe water. Installing a water purifier will save you from the hassles of buying bottled water which is unhealthy and also leads to pollution.

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