Purify Water For Drinking With KENT Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers

Drink Pure Water with KENT RO Water Purifiers

Safe and pure drinking water is not easily available these days and this is because of the degradation of the environment and industrial development, which is multiplying day by day. Therefore, you should be aware of drinking water because by drinking contaminated water, you may experience deadly waterborne diseases. In order to ensure that you drink safe and pure water, you should make use of Reverse Osmosis water purifiers. Such purifiers are added with different purification technologies that cannot only filter out all the impurities from the water but remove microorganisms as well and make the water safe for consumption.

A good water purifier would remove all suspended particles & microbes, and excess salts and at the same time retain all the essential minerals in it. The filter at first sucks up the raw water (contaminated water), then filters out the impurities ranging from solid particles to micro-organisms, and then finally dispenses pure and clean water.

Water Purification Process and Stages

To ensure that you drink pure and safe water, KENT water purifiers are added with double purification technology. It follows different purification stages that perfectly remove impurities, dissolve solids, water molecules and etc. thereby allowing you to drink completely pure and safe water.

RO Water Purification Process

The complete stage of purification is mentioned below:

1. Sediment Filter:

The RO water purifier has different stages of filtering the raw water. It has a sediment filter that helps in removing the suspended solids and other particulates. The filter has a bed that catches all the unwanted dirt particles as soon as the water flows through the system. The water moves into the filter and leaves the sediment behind, as a result, the water coming out would be free from particulate. Though it is one of the common filtrations processes for removing solid particles, it has limitations as well. It cannot remove pathogen elements, heavy metals, and even micro-organisms.

Sediment Filter and Carbon Filter

2. Carbon Filter:

The next stage that is added to the best RO water purifiers is the carbon filter that helps in removing volatile organic compounds, chlorine, odors, and even the unpleasant tastes from the water. As the water passes through the carbon filter, contaminations like VOCs get chemically bonded to the carbon, as a result, a lot of unwanted impurities get removed. Finally, the water that you get is much purer than the raw water.

3. UV and UF Filter:

UV and UF

The next is the UV filter, where the water passes through the UV light and attacks the DNA of the bacteria and other microbes thereby making them inactive. It is the stage where up to 99% of pathogens get deactivated. The next stage is that of UF, where the microorganisms get removed after being deactivated by UV rays. In the last stage, water is again passed through the activated carbon filter and thus, the final output that you receive is pure and safe drinking water for consumption.

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The Bottom Line:

It is the Reverse Osmosis (RO) system that offers a multi-stage filtration of water by combining sediment, active carbon, and UV/UF in the complete purification of raw water. An RO water purifier not only removes the solid impurities but even improves the taste of water, thus offering water that is safe for consumption. RO filters are recommended for places where the TDS level of water is high and the water has a high content of dissolved minerals.


KENT RO Water Purifiers

There is a different range of KENT RO water purifiers, which you can purchase as per your taste and preference. You can also check the water purifier price and pick the one that suits your budget.


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