Maintaining Your RO Water Purifier

Reverse Osmosis (RO) system offers a multi-stage filtration of water by combining active carbon and also particle filtration. Here, the tap water is made to pass through a membrane (a polymer film) that has very small-sized pores and this weeds out minerals and micro-organisms in water. The impurities collected are then flushed out through an outlet pipe. The purifier should be properly maintained if you want it to last for many years. With no proper maintenance and care, your water purifier will never function properly.


Listed below are few tips that can help you to maintain your RO water purifier:

Regular Filter Changes

Every RO water purifier needs the filter to get replaced every three months. It implies that the part responsible for water filtration has to be changed at regular intervals since it becomes saturated with contaminants and after a time it is not able to filter and if you continue to use filters without being changed, then there are chances that dirt present in the filter can be passed on to the water as well. The RO water purifier can have three to twelve stages of purification, so give importance to your filter change schedule and pay attention to when each filter is due for replacement.

Sediment Filter

Change your sediment filter at least once in a year. Maintaining your sediment filter will help in staining out sediment, dirt, and slit. It protects dirt from getting to the fine RO membranes. If you do not change this filter then dirt can reach the membranes which will affect your water.

Carbon Filter

Also change your carbon filter once in a year. This carbon filter helps in removing chlorine and other dangerous contaminants that affect the life and performance of the RO membrane as well as the waters taste and odor (Source: Home Design With Style)


RO Membrane Replacement

The membrane in an RO system is semi permeable and is designed in sync to allow water through but filter out all additional contaminants. If you maintain the carbon and sediment filters properly and it does a good job at filtering out particulates and chemicals, then the RO membrane need only to be replaced every two to three years. As this is the most crucial element in the RO filtration process, it’s important to pay attention to the filtration quality of your pre-filters and remember to replace them. Also keep in mind that, this schedule is totally based on the quality of water and the household water usage.

Drips And Leakages

If you notice any drip or leakage, you should not ignore it. It’s because these can create trouble if adequate measures are not taken at the right time. It is better to call the professional and get any problem in the machine sorted out before your machine gets ruined.

Sanitize Your RO Tank

You can clean the pipes of your RO system every two years just to make sure everything is perfect. RO sanitizing kits can help you with this process. You can carry out the sanitization when you replace your filters.

Annual Maintenance

Since maintaining your filters without any help can be quite difficult, it’s safer to hire a professional. You can find annual maintenance contracts which you might put money into. The concerned people will take care of regular repairs, replacement and cleaning if needed.

RO water purifier system will be able to serve you for a longer duration if you follow these suggestions. Taking an active role in the maintenance of your RO filter will make sure that the system will always deliver the best performance and its service life will be prolonged.

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