Looking for an Air Purifier? Here are the Top 5 Best Air Purifiers in India

Top 5 air purifier in India

India is the home to 15 out of 20 most polluted cities, according to a report by the World Health Organization. The worst part is it has been concluded that indoor air quality is more harmful to your health than outdoor air quality. Gas stoves, poor ventilation, and smoke from electrical appliances release poisonous gases into the indoor environment making it harmful to health. The bad indoor air quality makes children as well as adults vulnerable to a number of lung diseases and breathing problems. As a result, it has become necessary to install an air purifier. The air purifiers are ideal for removing ultra-fine particles such as dust, pollen, harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, and other irritants from the indoor air. However, the question which is the best air purifier in India you should buy? To help you out, we list the top 5 air purifiers from KENT available in India. Read on.

So, what is Air Quality Index (AQI)?

When air pollution is at a peak, people are advised to check the air quality index. However, do you know what AQI stands for and why do you need to check the AQI before stepping out? The air quality index is a numerical scale that reports the air quality of a place on a day-to-day basis. The results of the index provide you with an estimated level in a particular area. AQI also indicates the associated health risks in an area. AQI is divided into six categories, which correspond to a health concern.

Air Quality Index (AQI) Remark Possible Health Problems
0-50 Good Little or no health risk
51-100 Satisfactory Minor breathing problems for sensitive people
101-200 Moderate Breathing problems for people with asthma, breathing or heart diseases
201-300 Poor Dangerous for people with lung disease, older adults, and children
301-400 Very poor Respiratory illness
401-500 Severe Affects people with existing health problems and healthy people

Why Buy an Air Purifier?

Steer Clear of Allergies

Air purifiers are the best bet for people prone to allergies as it removes different types of pollutants from indoor air, reducing the chances of triggering allergies. These purifiers also help in keeping you safe against mold allergies that are caused by houses with untreated wood and water damage.

Keeps you Safe in a Construction Area

If your house is near a construction site, air purifiers can help keep you safe from all the dust and small pollutants that are present in such areas that enter your home easily.

A Necessity for Pregnant Women, Children, and Elderly People

Even though everyone is at risk of indoor air pollution, however, pregnant women, children, and elderly people are the most affected by indoor air pollution. The reason is they are more prone to catching infections and allergies. More so in the case of pregnant women, as microbes and foreign particles entering a pregnant women’s body can be highly dangerous for the unborn child.

Say goodbye to second-hand smoking:

Even if you do not smoke, someone smoking inside your home can increase the risk of ailments that come with second-hand smoking. An air purifier can help keep you safe from second-hand smoke.

Air purifiers are ideal for removing ultra-fine particles such as dust, pollen, harmful gases, bacteria, viruses, and other irritants from the indoor air. Now that you know why it is important to invest in an air purifier for your home, let’s find out which are the best air purifiers available in India. To help you out, we have listed down the top 5 air purifiers available in India.

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The Top 5 Air Purifiers for Home

Considering the increasing amount of air pollution, using an air purifier is a necessity. The blog lists the 5 best air purifiers in India.

KENT Alps Plus

KENT Alps Plus - best air purifier for home

A powerful air purifier, KENT Alps Plus is equipped with HEPA air purification technology and an inbuilt ionizer. The tested and proven HEPA technology removes 99.97% of the pollutants in the indoor air. The purifier uses a 3 stage purification process of Impact, Interception, and Diffusion to catch and trap mold spores, pet dander, and pollens. The real-time air purity monitor displays the density of PM 2.5 inside a room.


KENT Aura - top Air Purifier

A perfect air purifier for a room size of 270 sq. ft., KENT Aura tops the list of our air purifiers. The air purifier from the renowned brand comes with tested and proven HEPA technology which makes it one of the best air purifiers in India. The super-efficient HEPA filter effectively removes 99% PM 2.5 and suspended particulate matter using a unique three-stage mechanism that catches and traps pollutants that are larger than 0.3 microns. The ultra-silent motors add to the advantages of the air purifier.


KENT Alps Air purifier Features

The third on the list is KENT Alps, a highly efficient air purifier with state-of-the-art HEPA technology that provides clean and particulate-free air. The high-efficiency HEPA filter removes air pollutants that are less than 0.3 microns in size such as mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and tobacco smoke. The intelligent air quality monitor with an LED display indicates the air quality in three colors- blue for excellent, pink for good, and red for poor.

KENT Eternal

KENT Eternal Air Purifier for home

An advanced air purifier, KENT Eternal comes with a state-of-the-art HEPA air purification and dust collection technology. The mechanical filter removes 99.97% of pollutants from the indoor air so that you breathe safely. The HEPA filter uses three different mechanisms-Impact, Interception, and Diffusion- to catch and trap carcinogen particles that are larger than 0.3 microns in size.

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

In addition to your home, the car cabin is also a den for a number of air pollutants. This is the reason why you need to use KENT Magic Car Air Purifier. The low-noise air purifier uses HEPA technology to remove hazardous pollutants and toxic gases from the indoor air with the help of a unique three-stage purification process.

Last Few Words

Those were the best air purifiers in India that you can select from to stay safe from indoor air pollution. These purifiers come in a wholesome package of top-quality filters, CADR, and purification processes an affordable price. If you are interested in buying KENT air purifiers, visit https://www.kent.co.in/air-purifiers/ for more information.

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