5 Reasons Every Home Needs an Air Purifier

Enhance Indoor air quality

Home is the safest place on earth for us. But, with the increasing amount of pollution, your home may not be as safe as you think. The indoor air is, in fact, 5 times more polluted than the outdoor air. As you spend 90% of your time indoors, the harmful air pollutants lead to a number of health problems such as asthma, breathing problems, and skin problems. Wearing a mask at home is not a solution; the only way to deal with indoor air pollution is by installing an air purifier. Considering the poor air quality, using an air purifier is a must for every home. If you are still not sure about buying an air purifier, we list some reasons why you need an air purifier for your home.

5 Reasons Why We Need Air Purifiers

  • Stay Safe from Bouts of Allergies
  • Stay Safe in Construction Areas
  • Aviod Allergies Caused by Mould
  • For a Safe Pregnancy
  • Stay Safe from Secondhand Smoke and Industrial Emmissions

1. Stay Safe from Bouts of Allergies

People suffering from allergies need to take a lot of precautions. Unfortunately, at times, even after taking all the precautions, you may suffer from bouts of allergy. The main cause of this problem is the presence of air pollutants. An air purifier plays a very important role in removing different types of pollutants from the indoor air, thereby reducing any chances of triggering allergies.

2. Stay Safe in Construction Areas

If you live close to construction sites, your home may have a lot of air pollutants. Dust and small pollutants present on the construction sites act as severe irritants, which lead to watery eyes and sinus problems. The tiny dust particles present in your home are also associated with pulmonary complications and emphysema disease. The sand particles, which are abrasive in nature, cause physical damage to your lungs, and mucous membranes that line your respiratory system. When you use a HEPA air purifier, the HEPA filter traps tiny dust pollutants, thereby saving you from health problems.

3. Avoid Allergies Caused by Mould

Buildings that are made of stone and untreated wood lead to mold growth, especially in case of water damage. The black mold which is also known as (Stachybotrys) can lead to serious allergic reactions if inhaled. This kind of mold also produces mycotoxins, which disturb human health and lead to nausea. A lot of times mold grows in unreachable areas such as beneath the walls or floorboards. Installing an air purifier keeps you safe from diseases caused by mold in hidden areas.

4. For a Safe Pregnancy

Pregnant women are highly susceptible to complications caused by indoor air pollutants. The presence of microbes and foreign particles has a negative impact on the unborn child. In addition, the microbes carried by pets may also lead to birth-related complications and in dire consequences may result in stillbirth. Using an air purifier helps in avoiding such complications because the different filters present in the air purifier remove microbes and other harmful pollutants present in the indoor air.

5. Stay Safe from Secondhand smoke and industrial emissions

Second-hand smoke, traffic, and industrial emissions cause a lot of diseases such as bronchitis and tumors. AT times, excessive exposure can also lead to cancer. You need to be extra careful if you stay near an industrial facility or heavy traffic areas. An air purifier helps in trapping the tiny particulate matter, thereby reducing the dangers of health problems. In addition, if someone smokes at home, keeping an air purifier in their room can keep a non-smoker safe from second-hand smoke.

Last Few Words

The increasing level of pollution and its negative impact on health makes it important to install an air purifier in every home. HEPA air purifiers catch and trap the tiniest of pollutants to make your indoor air safe. To find out more about air purifiers from KENT, click here.

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