Genius Cleaning Hacks for Every Cleanliness Freak

Effortless Vacuum Cleaning Hacks for Home

A household task that many people detest is vacuuming their homes. The thought of spending an entire day carrying a vacuum cleaner around to clean every corner of the house is very tiring. However, the increasing amount of pollution, vacuuming your home at least once a week is a must. Vacuuming doesn’t need to be as tiring as you think, provided you know some smart hacks to make your work easy. So, in this blog, we list 5 genius cleaning hacks that will make it easy to vacuum your home. Read on.

Dust Before Vacuuming

Many of us have the habit of dusting our homes after vacuuming. However, cleaning the home after a session of vacuuming does more harm than good. The reason is the dirt particles settle on the surface of blinds, or books. These can’t be captured by rug or duster and ultimately falls on the floor. As a result, the vacuumed floor looks dirty, which is the reason why you need to dust the house before vacuuming.

Hard to Reach Places

Hard to reach places are the main areas in a home that accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. However, cleaning these areas even with a vacuum cleaner is difficult and tiring. Even with the help of the crevice tool of the vacuum cleaner, it is difficult to reach these areas. To deal with the problem, all you need to do is fold toilet paper on top of the vacuum nozzle and hold it. This makes the attachment flexible which makes it easy to clean the toughest spots at home.


How to clean Keyboard

Keyboards of desktop accumulate a lot of dust and germs as a result of daily use. However, most of us use the traditional way of cleaning laptops and desktops making you vulnerable to a lot of health problems. An easy way to clean the keyboards is to attach a squeeze ketchup bottle on the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. This creates a narrow space and stronger suction making it easy to remove the dust particles from the keyboard.


When it comes to cleaning the windows most of us have the habit of spraying water on the glass fixtures and wiping them. This method of cleaning spreads dirt all around the house. The best way to clean glass windows is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the dust and fur before wiping the windows. Make sure you use the soft brush attachment to clean the window.


Lamp Shade cleaning

Lampshades add to the look of your home, but cleaning them is a difficult task, which is the reason why many people avoid using lampshades. Dusting the lampshades spread the dust particles around your home. Instead of using the traditional cleaning method, you can use a handheld vacuum cleaner to clean the lampshades. KENT Crystal Vacuum Cleaner comes with HEPA filter which lowers air pollution by reducing dust discharge.


When it comes to cleaning, drawers are the most neglected spaces. One should keep vacuuming drawers at regular intervals. Such practice will keep the drawers free of debris. These spaces accumulate a lot of debris, whether they are in the kitchen or bedroom. Storing clothes or food items in them will turn them dusty and unhygienic. So, a regular vacuum is important, and every household should follow it.

Mattresses and Upholstery

The Conventional way of dusting mattresses and upholstery will lead to spreading of dust in the air, which may lead to the accumulation of pollutants and dust mites in the air. It is advisable to use the smartest cleaning technique, i.e., vacuum cleaning, which will ensure that you stay in a clean, dust-free and spotless environment Also, experts advise to keep flipping your mattress every few months to avoid early wear and tear.

Fridge Coils

One of the most ignored parts of a house is the area behind your fridge. The coils at the back of your fridge accumulate loads of dust and remain ignored in oblivion for ages. Vacuum cleaning that area is the smartest way, this will keep the coils dust free and your fridge will have a longer life.


Another favorite gadget from the list!! Practically, speakers are hard to clean. Dusting them would lead dusts to penetrate in the speakers. Vacuum cleaning proves the best way for cleaning speakers. One can use the brush attachment to clean the surface and cords. Cleaning dust from speakers will resist the insertion of dust and dirt into it.

The Bottom Line

Those were some cleaning hacks that make your work easy. In addition to using a HEPA vacuum cleaner, following the hacks mentioned above will ensure that your home is germ-free so that you stay away from health problems caused by indoor air pollution. To learn more about the vacuum cleaners from KENT, click here.

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