Drink Fresh & Healthy Juice At Home with KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

Drink Fresh & Healthy Juice At Home with KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

If you are a health enthusiast, you would definitely understand the importance of drinking fruit or vegetable juice daily. Juice can aid in boosting the immunity, cleanse your system and at the same time, it can even keep your filled. Drinking fresh juice daily can make your digestive system function better and even can add life to skin thereby making it more clear and smooth. It can also help you regulate the blood pressure and even assist in fighting tiredness and dullness as well. In one sentence you can say that consuming fresh juice would allow your body to get optimal nutritional and live a positive lifestyle.

Fruit/Vegetable Juice Extractor

There are different juicer machines that can be used in order to extract fruit/vegetable juice easily. Out of all machines, centrifugal juice extractor and cold pressed juice machine are the two common type of juicers.

Let us explain about both the juice extractors

The former juice extractor has a spinning metal blade that spins very fast and separates juice from flesh through centrifugal force. In the next process juice and pulp are separated into different containers and you can enjoy drinking juice anytime you want to. Though you can extract juice easily via centrifugal juicer, the problem with the centrifugal juicer is its fast-spinning metal blade. The blade generates heat and as a result, it destroys the enzymes present in the fruits and vegetables. Besides this, the heat also oxidizes the nutrients, thereby rendering less nutritious juice.

Kent cold pressed Juicer

On the other hand, cold pressed juicers are the new kind of juicers that extract juice in a different way and are much better than the conventional juicer. The juicer first crushes and then presses fruit/vegetables properly so that it can extract/produce more juice. Slow press juicers don’t produce much heat, and this helps in keeping the nutrients and fibres intact while extracting the juice. This is an advantage of cold pressed juicer that makes it widely preferable compared to centrifugal juice machine. It is the low-speed squeezing technique that helps in retaining the natural and original taste of the fruit/vegetables thereby making the juice healthier and tastier as well.

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Some of the benefits of cold pressed juicer machine:

  • It can retain more of nutrients
  • Quite efficient in processing leafy green vegetables
  • It has the ability to process nuts
  • It operates very quietly
  • It brings up pulp a lot and even juice

Benefits of Kent Cold pressed juicer

Know about KENT Cold Pressed Juicer

Keeping in mind about the challenges that you face with conventional juicers, KENT has introduced KENT cold pressed juicer that works on unique juice extraction technique. It works on low RPM and speeds less than 100 and this ensures to produce less heat while extracting the juice. The slow processed juicer is the perfect blend of health and taste as it retains more nutrients and fibres and extracts more juice.

The model is equipped with a powerful motor and a unique cup design that results in faster juice extraction and that too with a smoother outflow. The KENT Cold pressed juicer comes with a special reverse action motor as well that makes it easier to clear the blockages. Moreover, the slow press juicer has a user-friendly design that is safe and convenient to use.


The slow pressed juicer gently presses as well as squeezes veggies and fruits and extracts the most out of the produce. Such juicers often yield 30% of more juice compared to the conventional extractors. So, to ensure that you drink healthy fruit and vegetable juice, make sure to buy a cold pressed juicer for your home. You can buy the juicer either from KENT’s online store or from other stores according to your convenient.


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