Points to Consider when Buying an Induction Cooktop

Induction Cooktop a Kitchen Masterchef

Modern kitchens are incomplete without an induction cooktop. The combination of safety, convenience, and style, is the reason why induction cooktops are replacing conventional gas stoves. However, when buying an induction cooktop, there are certain important points that you need to consider to ensure that the appliance meets your specific needs.

Best Key Points of Induction Cooktop

Are you searching for “which induction is best for your home”? We list below some of the most important points that you need to take into account when choosing an induction cooktop.

1. Power Rate of the Cooktop

The first point that you need to consider when looking for a good induction stove is the power rate. A higher power rate ensures faster cooking, though it may also cost more. Most induction cooktops rate between 1000-2000W. So, if you need something that helps you cook faster, you need to opt for an induction cooktop with a higher power rate.

2. Pre-set Menu

For the convenience of the users, some of the latest induction cooktops come with a pre-set menu. Depending on the dish that you cook, the pre-set menu adjusts the temperature of the appliance. So, whether you are boiling milk, making rice, roti, and frying vegetables, the induction cooktop adjusts the temperature accordingly so that you get perfectly cooked dishes with a single touch.

3. Safety Features

This is another important factor to consider when looking for an induction cooktop. Modern induction cooktops such as the one from KENT come with an auto-pan detection feature, which ensures heating is turned off as soon as you remove the cookware from the cooktop. In addition, if you forget to switch off the appliance, the cooktop will automatically switch off if the pan is too hot.

4. Pan Size of the Cooktop

Every induction cooktop comes with a minimum and maximum pan size. If the cookware is smaller than the supported pan size, the cooktop will not detect the pan and won’t start heating the pot. The size of the cookware needs to match the coil size of the induction cooktop for maximum efficiency.

5. Portability of the Cooktop

Depending on the preference of the users, they can choose from portable or fixed cooktops. A portable induction cooktop makes it convenient for the user to take the appliance anywhere they want. Whether you are planning to cook on your rooftop or backyard, a portable cooktop makes it easy to carry the appliance anywhere.

Last Few Words

An induction cooktop can make your kitchen chores easy. However, make sure you consider the factors mentioned above to ensure that you buy something that meets your specific needs. You can choose from the range of Induction cooktops by KENT, which is loaded with safety features.

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