Dos and Don’ts Explaining How to Drink Water

Dos and Don'ts of Drinking Water

Everyone knows that water is regarded as the main source of life, without it no one can survive. Every living organism requires water to stay alive. Besides, it is water that helps in performing all the activities as well as functions in the body. Your body is filled with around 70% of water and this is what makes it perform perfectly. Therefore, you might have come to know how important water is for your body. In order to function properly, the brain requires 80% of water, lungs 90%, blood 83%, bones 30%, muscles 75%, and skin 64% respectively. So, you can say that your body completely relies on water in order to make all the vital organs function properly.

Though drinking water is very important in order to stay hydrated, there are some dos and don’ts that would explain how you should drink it and what you need to take care of. It is not just drinking 3/4 liters of water per day, but you need to follow a few things in this concern as well.

The Most Common Mistakes People make when Drinking Water


1. Drink when you are thirsty:

Depending on your thirst, you should drink water. A person feels thirsty due to the level of physical activity that they perform. Besides, if you stay in a hot and humid climate, you would definitely drink a lot of water. It is recommended that you should drink 2 to 3 liters of water per day so that you can remain hydrated, but ensure that drink when you feel thirsty. Moreover, if you drink a lot of water (more than to quench your thirst) then it can lead to a problem that is called hyponatraemia. This is when you would find that the salt level of the body drops down and this can eventually lead to the swelling of the brain.

Drink when you are thirsty

2. Try Drinking Plain Water:

Though flavored water is tasty to drink, it may contain extra sugar and calories, which may not quench your thirst. If you are consuming nutritious food regularly, you don’t need to drink flavored water instead you have simple plain water. A study says that you can quench your thirst only when you drink plain water rather than adding a slice of lemon or any other flavor.

3. Drink water when you sweat:

Whenever you do a hard exercise or any physical activity, it is obvious that you would sweat and this means that you are in the process of dehydrating. So, by just drinking water you can keep yourself hydrated and you can even fill the lost fluid while you sweat. Thus, in order to ensure that you remain hydrated, it is better that you drink a lot of water.

Drink water when you sweat

4. Always drink water while sitting:

It is obvious that when you feel thirsty you drink water without even thinking, but you should always ensure to drink water while sitting. It is the best practice that you should follow.

Always drink water while sitting


  • Never drink water while standing as this can cause arthritis. When you drink while standing, you unknowingly disrupt the balance of fluid in the body and this is when a great amount of fluid gets accumulated in the joints thereby triggering arthritis.
  • You can face the problem of colic pain if you drink water while standing. When water directly enters the stomach, it runs down in force thereby mixing with acid present in the stomach. The water hits the cardiac sphincter and thus you face an acidic sensation.
  • The intake of water in a standing position can cause damage to your kidneys as well. You drink water (without getting purified) that gets accumulated in the bladder thereby causing harm to your kidneys.
  • It is studied that if you drink water while standing, you would remain thirsty even after drinking water. You would feel like drinking more and more water in a frequent manner. So, it is suggested that you should always drink water while sitting and in smaller sips.
  • Never drink water while standing because you would suffer from indigestion.
  • If you drink water in a standing position, it can cause ulcers and heartburn. The reason is the liquid that you drink ends up splashing in the esophagus which disturbs the sphincter. As a result, the acid would start you would feel the burning sensation.


So, if you want to ensure that you gain the benefits from drinking water, then make sure to follow the dos and try to eliminate the don’ts that are mentioned above, and never drink while standing.

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