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Asthma-a Consequence of Poor Air Quality

Do you know that respiratory diseases like Asthma are caused because of breathing impure air? it is not just the dust, fumes or vehicle emissions that you breathe, but smoking (active and passive) is also responsible for causing Asthma. Asthma causes difficulty in breathing and then you experience a dry cough, chest pain and shortness of breathe.

Air Pollution – Your Are At Risk

Pollution is one of the common issues that people are facing nowadays. Every now and then, you come to hear about air pollution on mass media platforms. Air pollution adversely affects the atmosphere, ecology and mainly the human health. It occurs when any harmful gases, dust, smoke enter the atmosphere and causes air-borne diseases, allergies

Air Pollution: An Invisible Killer

Air gets polluted when harmful substances like particulates and biological molecules get added into Earth’s atmosphere. Exposure to air pollution may cause different respiratory diseases, skin problems and even death of humans. Stay protected from air pollution by using air purifier at home. The purifier can trap 99.9% of polluted air and make the room pure,