Benefits of UV Lamp in the Storage Tank of RO Water Purifiers

With the increasing amount of pollution, every home has an RO water purifier installed. Considering the increasing amount of pollution, renowned brands such as KENT are making efforts to equip the water purifiers with the latest technology. Starting from the design to technology, a lot has changed over the years when it comes to RO water purifiers from KENT over the years. Recently, KENT has come up with a new range of Next Gen RO water purifiers, which are equipped with some latest technology to make water completely safe for consumption. In this blog, we discuss in detail the new range of water purifiers and what makes them different from the other purifiers available.

Latest Technology in RO Water Purifier

The all-new best RO water purifiers from KENT are equipped with some of the latest technologies to ensure that you drink water that is safe for consumption. The Next Gen RO water purifiers use a multistage purification process of RO+UV+UF+TDS Control+ UV in-tank to make water completely safe for consumption. Some of the NextGen water purifiers come with a digital display of purity and performance. The digital display helps to monitor the condition of the filter, UF failure, Low RO Flow, and Mineral content in purified water. The water purifier also comes with an all-new Save Water Technology which reduces water wastage. While most of the other RO purifiers waste 80% water, KENT purifiers with Save Water Technology recover up to 50% of water as purified. The rejected water is stored in a separate tank which can be used for other purposes. In addition, the water purifiers also come with an in-tank UV lamp which makes stored water safe for consumption.

Benefits of UV Lamp in RO Water Purifier

An all-new addition to the RO water purifiers is the in-tank UV lamp. The storage tank of a water purifier is of great help, especially in areas that face a lot of power cuts. However, when the water is stored in the tank for a long time some insects may crawl into the storage tank. In such a situation, you need to empty the storage tank. To solve this problem, KENT Next Gen RO purifiers come with an in-tank UV lamp. The UV lamp kills any microorganisms present in the stored water so that you get clean and safe drinking water. As a result, even if you are on a short vacation you don’t need to empty the storage tank.

UV (Ultraviolet) lamp is a technology commonly used in RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifiers. The benefits of UV lamp in RO water purifiers are:

1. Effective Disinfection:

lamps in RO water purifiers effectively kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms present in the water. This process ensures that the water is safe for consumption, free from harmful contaminants that may cause illness.

2. Chemical-free Purification:

purification does not use any chemicals, making it a safe and environmentally-friendly method for water purification. This is especially beneficial for households with children and pets.

3. Low Maintenance:

lamps have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance. They do not require any replacement filters or chemicals, making it a cost-effective solution for water purification.

4. Fast and Efficient:

UV lamps in RO water purifiers work quickly, and the process is relatively easy. Once the water passes through the RO membrane, it is exposed to UV light, which kills the bacteria and viruses in a matter of seconds.

Overall, the UV lamp technology in RO water purifiers provides an effective and efficient method for water purification, ensuring that the water is safe and free from harmful contaminants.

The Bottom Line

KENT Next Gen RO purifiers are a great addition as it not only provides safe drinking water but also keep the stored water free of contaminants. There are only a few water purifiers that come with these unique features which are some added advantages of using water purifiers from KENT. Visit our website to find out more about the Next-Gen RO purifiers.

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