Are Sand Filters Effective in Cleaning Water? Find Out

Are Sand Filters Effective in Cleaning Water

Sand, mud, and other visible impurities in your water can make it look cloudy and increase turbidity. Even though most of us do not use this water for drinking purposes, however, this muddy water can still be harmful to your health and your home.

Common Causes of Sand in Water

There can be innumerable reasons for the presence of sand in water, from petty to major. Let us look at some of the most common causes of sand in water:

  • Well water

Mostly wells use submersible pumps, which have a metal casing. Over a period, this casing can become degraded or corroded which allows silt or sand to get into the well. This gets pumped into your water.

  • Water pump

If the bearings of your water pump have worn out over the years, it can cause vibration in the pump, allowing sand to enter your water.

  • Pressure tank

If your pressure tank has less air, this can cause pressure the tank to become water-logged.

  • Hole in drop pipe

If the pump is working fine but there is a hole in the drop pipe, it can cause water to come through perforations and bring along sand.

  • Water Softner

If you have a water softener system, it can sometimes cause sand or sediment to enter your water supply if it is not functioning properly or if the filter is clogged.

  • Environmental Factors

In some cases, environmental factors such as heavy rainfall or flooding can cause sand or sediment to enter your water supply.

One of the problems is when sand enters a drain, the chances of the drain getting clogged increases. Although the sand will not damage the plumbing, but the clog will certainly damage it.

Problem of sand in water seems big but the solution is easy. Sand filters for water tank are readily available in the market.

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What is a Sand Filter and How it works?

Sand filter is used to remove the suspended matter, as well as visible sinkable particles. Sand filters work by allowing the water to flow through a canister that contains sand. The water flows through the sand, but larger particles are unable to pass through.

Passing water through a rapid gravity sand filter strains out the particles trapped within it, reducing numbers of bacteria, and removing most of the solids. The medium of the filter is sand of varying quality/grades.

KENT Sand Filter, a whole-house sand filter, is readily available in the market that removes physical impurities (visible dirt) and sand particle from water. The filter is suitable for the purification of tap water/municipal corporation water supply.

KENT Sand Filter – For the Entire House

KENT Sand Filter protects you from problems of water full of sand and provides your family with clean water.

Benefits of KENT Sand Filter:

  • Non-electric process.
  • 3-stage filtration containing fine sand media, silex sand media, and gravel sand media. These three stages remove different sizes of physical impurities and suspended matter to make water suitable for use.
  • Elegant design.
  • Low-maintenance cost.
  • Easy-to-install – It has a floor standing design that requires very little space for installation.
  • High purification capacity – It can purify 3000L/hr to provide purified water at a high rate.

Location for installation

To clean whole house water supply, it is important to connect it close to main water supply of the house. A nearby drain is needed to carry away regeneration discharge water.

Backwash is essential to ensure that the filter is working properly. As a rule, you should backwash and rinse your filter about once a week.

KENT Sand Filter is an easy to use product, that provides clean water for your whole house by removing all kinds of visible dirt and impurities. To avail a FREE demo at your doorstep, click here.

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