Simple Ways to Save Electricity Bill in Winter

Tips to Save Electricity Bill

Utility bills are unavoidable.  Whether it’s summer or winter, the dependence on electrical appliances is always on the rise. While air conditioners are a must during summer, winter months call in for excessive use of geysers and room heaters. The electricity bills in winter may not be as high as in summer, however, they can be quite high during winter. However, there are a few smart steps that you can take to save on electricity bills during winter without cutting down on the usage of electrical appliances. So, in this blog, we mention some easy steps to keep a check on your electricity bills.


Install Non-Electric Appliances to Soften Water

Come winter and dry skin is a common problem. Using hard water only adds to your skin woes. This is the reason why using a water softener becomes a must. However, instead of using an electric water softener that consumes a lot of electricity to make hard water soft, you can switch to the smart non-electric water softeners from KENT. The water softeners use the ion exchange process to reduce the hardness of the water. As a result, you not only get soft water but also save on electricity.

Control the Water Temperature

Did you know that heating water accounts for up to 25 percent of electricity consumption? So, the next time your electricity bills shoot up in winter, blame it on your water heater. However, there are some easy steps that you can follow to reduce electricity bills. Install low-flow faucets and showerheads to use less hot water. Washing laundry in cold water can also help in reducing electricity costs. To ensure that the clothes are completely clean and don’t lose shine, use a KENT Washing Machine Water Softener, a non-electric appliance that makes hard water soft.

Unplug Appliances

Many of you are not aware of the fact that appliances leech power even if they are not turned on. A smart way to save electricity expenses is by unplugging the appliances when you don’t use them. It’s not that you need to unplug the TV or coffee machine. Instead, make sure you unplug your phone and laptop chargers when not in use as these draw power even when you are not using them.

Use Energy Efficient Bulbs

As it gets dark early in winter, you need to switch on the lights early, which means more energy consumption and higher electricity bills. An easy way to cut costs is by using energy-efficient bulbs and appliances. These appliances not only save on your electricity bills but also tend to last longer than other bulbs and electrical appliances.

Fill in the Cracks

If you think the small cracks in your home are harmless, you need to think again. This is the reason why you need to seal any cracks at home, especially in areas where cold or warm air escapes. Areas such as around the windows, doorframes, and around the holes in the walls where pipes enter need to be sealed to save electricity bills.

Last Few Words

It’s a myth that electricity bills are higher only in summer. Many of you ignore the fact that the usage of electrical appliances such as geysers, room heaters, and blowers is on the rise and these appliances use a lot of energy. Following the tips mentioned above, such as using a non-electric water softener not only helps you save electricity bills but also keeps your hair and skin healthy. If you want to find out more about water softeners click here.

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