How Water Softener can increase lifespan of Washing Machines?

Increase Lifespan of Washing Machine

Most of us are heavily dependent on our washing machines to perform the heavy task of washing clothes. This appliance is an essential part of every household to wash regular clothes, bed sheets and even curtains. But how many of us actively take care of our washing machines. While we do know about regular maintenance and deep cleaning to keep the washing machine working, most of us are unaware of the impact, hard water, has on the longevity of washing machines.

Hard water is very common. It’s not something that people living in rural areas experience, even municipal water can have hardness as well. Excess minerals dissolved in hard water hamper the effectiveness of detergents used in washing machines. To check whether your home has hard water, feel free to book a FREE water test by KENT professionals.

Benefits of Using Soft Water in Washing Machines

If your home has hard water, do not worry! It is easy to convert hard water into soft water using a Water Softener. There are many options available in the market but before we elaborate on which one to use, let’s learn the benefits of using soft water in washing machines.

benefits of water softener for washing machine

  • Increased Lifespan of Washing Machine

The Water Quality Association (WQA) commissioned a study in 2009 to examine the impact of hard water on typical household appliances. According to the findings, soft water can increase the lifespan of Washing Machines by up to 40%.

                                          Lifespan of Appliances
Appliance Expected Using Hard Water
Washing Machine 11 Years 7.7 Years
Dishwasher 10 Years 7 Years
Toilet 6.5 Years 2 Years
Faucet 9 Years 5.4 Years

*Source: 2009 WQA Research

  • Reduced Detergent Consumption

In a study conducted by the Scientific Services S/D, INC. of New York, it was found that using soft water for Washing machines can reduce detergent use by up to 50% and save energy.

  • Lower Maintenance cost

Using soft water in washing machines prevents limescale build-up in the washing machine and surrounding pipes. Limescale damage and soap scum build-up are the two big problems associated with hard water usage.

  • Easier Stain Removal

remove stains on cloth easily

As per the laundry study by Scientific Services S/D, INC. of New York, it was found that  soft water removes stain better than increased water temperature or using  more detergent. In fact, softened water with the least amount of detergent and lowest temperature results in cleaner and whiter clothes.

With a wide range of water softeners available in the market using softened water for washing machines is easier now.

KENT presents a wide variety of water softeners, with one specifically designed for washing machines. KENT Washing Machine Water Softener is tailor-made for washing needs and increases lifespan of your washing machine by up to 40%. It is compact, easy-to-install and does not use electricity. It’s unique valve operation makes it easy to use as well.

To select a Water Softener for your specific need, check out our website.

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