5 Unique Samosa Recipes you can Make at Home


One of the most famous Indian appetizers or street food that is loved by people of all age groups is the samosa. Stuffed with aromatic fillings, samosas actually came from Central Asia and the Middle East. The perfect combination of crunchy exterior and spicy fillings will leave you longing for more. With time, people tried and tested a lot of variations in the recipe, instead of sticking to the traditional potato and peas filling. So, in this blog, we list 5 different samosa recipes you can make at home. If you are worried about the calorie count, you can easily use KENT Air Fryer which uses 80% less oil for making different snacks.

Different Samosa Recipes

If you are bored of eating the same old samosa, you can give a twist by adding some unique and tasty fillings. Whether you are planning a get-together with friends or a family dinner, these samosas are the perfect starters.

Chowmein Samosa

 Though it sounds a bit different, however, you will definitely love this variant of samosa thanks to the combination of different flavors. Depending on your preference, you can prepare Hakka noodles, Singaporean noodles, or traditional Indian noodles for the filling. If you are health conscious, you can make the noodles at home with KENT Noodle Maker. You can also prepare your favorite chutney to go with the samosa.

Cheese Samosa

Not just pizza, but a hot cheesy samosa is a perfect snack for a small family get-together. The crispy brown exterior is balanced with the soft and tangy cheesy filling that will be loved by everyone. The best part is cheese samosa is also one of the easiest recipes that you can try at home. All you need to do is add some corns, mozzarella cheese, pepper, and salt to prepare the filling. Prepare the mold of the samosa and add the filling. Using KENT Air Fryer to get perfectly made samosas using 80% less oil.

Egg Samosa

If you want to add a healthy twist to samosas, egg samosa is the perfect recipe for you. Prepared with maida, egg, and spices, egg samosa is the perfect snack for your evenings. You can either add scrambled or chopped eggs as filling to the samosa. You can also add potatoes, carrots, and spices to the filling. Prepare your favorite chutney and a hot cup of tea to go with the samosa.

Khoya Samosa

In addition to spicy samosas, you can also make a sweet samosa on some special occasions to surprise your loved ones. Instead of potatoes, you can use khoya and nuts as a filling in the samosa. To add some twist to the dish, you can dip the samosas in sugar syrup and you are ready to enjoy the tasty variation of samosas.

Pasta Samosa

This is another unique samosa that you can try at home. You can either make red or white sauce pasta according to your preference for the filling. Fill the samosa with your favorite penne or spaghetti pasta to enjoy this mouth-watering combination. However, make sure that the pasta filling is dry to savor perfectly fried samosa.

Which Samosa will you Make?

From the authentic potato samosa to some unique fillings mentioned above, samosas are a popular snack in almost every household. With the different varieties of fillings, you can surprise your family or friends on some special occasion. Thanks to the KENT Air Fryer, now you don’t need to worry about the calories hidden in deep-fried snacks.

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