5 Places In Your Home That Need Vacuum Cleaning More Often

Places in Home that need Vacuum Cleaning more often

A clean home is a secret to keeping your loved ones healthy and safe from diseases. Vacuuming your home is an ideal way to remove different types of contaminants, dust, and dirt from your home. Though we vacuum most of the places, there are some places that need more vacuuming as these are a paradise for germs. So, in this blog, we discuss 5 places in your home that need regular vacuuming.

1.      Inside the drawers

Considering the space constraint in every home, drawers are a great way to store your belongings without using too much space. Unfortunately, drawers are the last place that you think about vacuuming. The storage space can easily fill up with dust, dirt making it a paradise for germs. When you store items in a dirty drawer, dust is easily transferred to the stored items such as clothes or books. This results in a musty smell and also cause breathing problems. In addition, it is very important to vacuum drawers in the kitchen as they collect crumbs of food. You can easily use a handy vacuum cleaner to clean tight spaces such as drawers.

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2.      Curtains and Blinds

Blinds and curtains accumulate a lot of dust and dirt. This accumulated dust and dirt circulating in your home as they are positioned next to the window. This results in indoor air pollution leading to respiratory problems. So, make sure that you vacuum the blinds and curtains at least once a month to keep it dust-free.

3.      Mattresses

Humans spend 90% of their lives in bed, which makes it extremely important to keep it clean. Mattresses accumulate the skin that you shed, dust mites and dirt over a period of time. In fact, a mattress may contain 100,000 to 10 million dust mites. The traditional methods of cleaning your mattress don’t remove the contaminants and dust mites. Using a bed and upholstery vacuum cleaner to remove dust mites, dirt, and other microorganisms.

4.      Broom

Did you know that your broom needs regular vacuuming? The broom that you use accumulates a lot of hair, dust, and dirt. Imagine the effects it will have when you use the same broom repeatedly to clean your home. The brooms collect a lot of dust, but this dust stays in the broom forever. This is the reason why you need to vacuum your broom every time you vacuum your home.

5.      Under the Bed

The area under your bed is the most polluted place in your home. Dust and dirt easily collect under your bed and furniture, which can lead to allergies and respiratory problems. Use a cordless vacuum cleaner to easily clean out of reach areas such as under the bed.

Last Few Words

Vacuuming home is important; however, most of us don’t vacuum a lot of places. The following places listed above need regular cleaning to keep your home dust-free and stay safe from diseases. To make your work easy, you can choose from the range of bagless vacuum cleaner from KENT. To find out more about the range of vacuum cleaners, click here.

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