4 Reasons a Shoe Sole Cleaner is an Absolute Necessity for your Home


Keeping a home clean is one of the toughest tasks for every homeowner, especially if you have kids at home. Though most of us leave no stone unturned to clean our sofas and carpets, we probably miss out on an important source that leads to a number of diseases- shoes. Many of us are unaware of the fact that shoe soles contain a lot of germs. While we can ask the family members to remove their shoes before entering, requesting the guests to do the same may seem a little rude. This is when a shoe sole cleaner from KENT can be of great help. If you still think you don’t need a shoe sole cleaner, read the blog to find out how unclean shoes can lead to health hazards. Read on.

Shoes are Perfect Breeding Ground for Bacteria

Your shoes are a perfect home for harmful bacteria and other viruses to thrive. According to some researchers, a shoe may contain approximately 400,000 bacteria. The plant matter and soil that your shoes pick up provide these microorganisms an ideal place to grow and lead to a number of health problems such as E.Coli.

Bacteria can Survive Longer on Shoe Soles

This is another reason you need to use a shoe sole cleaner. According to research by the University of Arizona, bacteria can live longer on shoes than in any other place in your home. The reason is shoe soles provide space for continuous bacteria growth by feeding on the existing bacteria. A shoe sole cleaner removes bacteria from shoe soles to keep indoors clean and germ-free.

Shoes Easily Pick Up Toxins

Dirty Shoes

Shoes can easily pick up toxins, which are transferred to your home and cause health problems. Even if you walk through grass, there are chances that your shoes are covered with lawn fertilizer or weed killer. In addition, your shoes also pick up chemicals from the coal tar used on roads. When you don’t clean your shoes, the chemicals spread in the indoor environment and lead to a number of health problems.

Shoes Transfer the Toxic Matter to the Floor

If you think that bacteria and viruses on your shoe sole wear off as you walk, you are wrong. According to research, these harmful microorganisms cling to your shoe soles and eventually end up on the floors or carpets. It has been found that 90% of the time the germs present in the bottom of your shoes end up on the floor and carpet leading to health problems.

Last Few Words

Shoe Sole Cleaner

Considering the increasing amount of health problems caused by microorganisms present on the shoe soles, it is extremely important to ensure that you clean your shoe soles. Wiping the shoe soles on the doormat only removes the dust; however, it doesn’t remove the harmful microorganisms. KENT Shoe Sole cleaner uses a rotating brush to clean the shoe soles and vacuum suction to suck the dust. The advanced HEPA-based filters ensure that the indoor environment is dust-free and clean. To find out more about our shoe sole cleaners, click here.

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