24% areas in Bengaluru Get Hard Water – Should you be worried?

Hard water in Bengaluru

Modernization has its pros and cons. Each day in our endeavor to make our lives easier, we tend to ignore the basic necessities for life. We encounter resources to make life comfortable, whereas we forget that natural resources are depleting day by day.

Such is the burning example of the IT Capital of India, Bengaluru. This majestic cosmopolitan southern hub is facing a dire issue of hard water. In a recent survey, it was revealed that 24 percent of areas in Bengaluru receive hard water. The issue of hard water in Bangalore was brought to a book after a survey conducted across 1423 homes in Bengaluru. The permitted level of hardness in water is 200 mg per litre, however, these houses receive water with a hardness level of more than 200 mg per litre.

 Areas in Bengaluru with Hard Water problem

You will be shocked to know that the aforementioned survey had 26 percent of samples from corporation water. And the areas from where the samples were collected are among the top localities of the city. IT hubs like Bellandur and Whitefield tops the list. Even top-notch areas like Vasanthnagar, Marathahalli, and Banaswadi are facing the same issues.

The water from these areas has a high content of TDS. In simpler words, TDS is Total Dissolvable Solids in water, which means the presence of different minerals in the water. Water should be pure, but if the TDS levels are high that means, the levels of minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, chlorides, and sulphates are excessively high in content.

Bathroom Fixtures problems due to hard water

Even in areas like Peenya, KR Puram, Banashankari among others, are suffering from the hard water crisis. Certain areas of Bengaluru even have TDS levels of more than 500 mg per litre.

Problems caused by Hard Water

But why the high content of TDS in water is a matter of concern? Well, the higher the TDS level, the graver the situation because TDS content in water more than the permissible limits, results in hard water. And hard water results in hair fall, skin allergies and likewise many such ailments. We all are aware that hard water is not drinkable, but do you know that it is even unsuitable for any other usage, not even bathing or washing. This is because, the TDS content in the water does not let it rinse of soaps easily, leaving the soap or shampoo residues in hair or skin. And even leaving behind the minerals in hair because of the TDS levels, become the obvious reason for hair fall.

Hair fall due to hard water

Hard waters even can result in poor cloth quality after some washes, it can result in the accumulation of unwanted minerals in water pipes and heating systems. The conclusion is obvious, Bengaluru needs to get rid of the hard water problem.

Usage of Water Softener

With Bengaluru facing the nuisance of hard water, water softeners are the only available solution for the city folks. Water softeners remove the iron, magnesium, potassium and other mineral content in the water by a process called ion exchange. And water softeners are easily installable and very much user-friendly. Hence, water softeners can offer Bengaluru people the boon of soft water. With softer water, one can witness smoother hair, smoother skin, shining utensils and many more. You will even end up using less soap and shampoo because unlike hard water, soft water gives you rich lather from your soaps and shampoos. It also extends the lives of your all water-related appliances. If that sounds for a plan, then water softeners are the only solution for Bengaluru’s hard water problems.

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