Is Your Bathroom Baby Ready? 5 Ways to Protect your Baby from Rashes and Infant Eczema

skin care tips for babies

Parents take extra care to keep the delicate skin of their babies safe. There are multiple things that touch your baby’s skin, every day such as scented oils & creams, soaps, detergent washed clothes and water. These agents cause dryness, itching and rashes on baby’s skin. Using expensive baby care products is not enough to keep their skin safe. The water quality also plays an important role in keeping their skin healthy. So, in this blog, we discuss 5 simple care tips for your baby’s soft and delicate skin.

1.      Avoid Frequent Baths

Babies are born with a protective layer called vernix that peels off naturally and keeps the skin protected for the first week. This gives the baby’s skin time to adapt to the environment and start retaining natural oils in their skin to keep it soft and supple. Bathing a baby more than 3-4 times a week causes depletion of this protective covering of natural oils. Frequently bathing the baby may cause dryness, rashes and in severe cases, it may cause eczema. Two baths and one sponge cleaning are enough for babies and it keeps the skin safe and protected.

2.      Avoid Scented Skin Care Products

The chemicals in scented skin care products are very harmful for baby’s delicate skin. Such products irritate the baby’s skin and can cause rashes or dryness. In some cases, these products can cause severe skin damage and leave the baby in discomfort.

3.      Install a Water Softener

Hard water supply damages your metal bathroom fixtures, imagine the extent of damage it causes to the delicate skin of a baby. Installing a water softener in your home ensures that you get soft water for your baby. With a water softener installed, you can let your baby enjoy bathing and playing in the water during the summer season. Water softeners not only keep your baby’s skin protected, but they also help in keeping the baby’s clothes soft and chemical free.

4.      Use Baby Safe Detergents

The ordinary detergents available in the market are harsh on baby’s clothes. These detergents damage the fabric, make it harsh on the skin and often leave chemical residue, which can irritate a baby’s skin causing skin rashes, itching and general discomfort. Using a baby safe detergent along with a water softener ensures that your baby’s laundry is soft and comfortable, which allows the baby to stay happy and healthy.

5.      Use Baby Safe Soap

 There are several baby care products available in the market. All of them are not suitable for your baby’s skin. It is of utmost importance that you need to check the composition, brand and expert views before using any soap on your baby’s skin. Using a baby safe soap with soft water helps keep the baby’s skin protected from any damage.

Last Few Words

Following these simple tricks will help you make your bathroom baby ready. Of all the baby care tips, installation of a water softener stands out as the most crucial step. Even when your baby is not taking a bath or enjoying a summer afternoon playing in a water tub, the baby is constantly exposed to water. When cleaning the face, changing diapers babies are constantly touching water and needs to be protected. One simple step of installing a water softener in your home can relieve you from all the concerns related to hard water damage and help prevent onset of rashes and infant eczema. Before installing a water softener, you can get the water quality tested in your home. To book a free home visit, click here.

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