Why you must Protect your Home Against Hard Water?

why you must protect your home against hard water

Hard Water is a problem that many of us face in India. Water that has high mineral content like Calcium and magnesium is termed as hard water. While these minerals are healthy for our bones, they can be quite damaging for our homes. Hard water is detrimental to electrical appliances like geyser, washing machine and can cause scaling on bathroom fixtures and tiles. Here are some hard water problems that one might struggle with.

Top Hard Water Problems:

Faded Colors of Clothes

The presence of minerals like calcium and magnesium in water has adverse effects on your clothes. When excess minerals in water mix with detergent, it forms a soapy residue on the clothes, causing colour fading, premature wear and tear.

White Stains in Bathroom & Kitchen

Hard water leaves white stains on your vessels, bathroom mirror, water taps and tiles. These white stains are nothing but calcium deposits that are left when the water dries up.

Dry Skin & Brittle Hair

Hard water effects on hair

Excess mineral content in hard water makes hair and skin dry. It takes away the luster from hair and skin, resulting in frizzy, brittle hair and lifeless skin. Regular usage of hard water for shower can aggravate these problems. For babies, hard water can be even more dangerous as their skin is sensitive.

Mineral Build-up In Appliances

Hard water effects on fittings

Hard water can block your water pipes and reduce the efficiency of water appliances. You may have noticed that with time, the water pressure reduces in your shower taps. This is actually because of the calcium and magnesium sedimentation in the shower nozzles. Hard water can even reduce the lifespan of washing machines by 50%.

So, now the question arises, how can we fix these hard water problems? While there may be other temporary solutions to hard water problems, the only long-term solution is using a Water Softener.

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How Water Softener Solves Hard Water Problems?

A Water Softener gets rid of the deposits on your sinks, tubs, showers, stains on your clothing and increases the service life of electrical appliances by converting hard water into soft water. Hard salts like Magnesium and Calcium in water are replaced by Sodium ions which greatly enhance the quality of water making it more soluble.

KENT offers a range of water softeners for home

Advantages of KENT Water Softeners

  • Zero electricity consumption
  • Compact design
  • Easy installation
  • Affordable regeneration using common table salt
  • Variety of softeners available in various prices to suit one’s specific requirement

If you are struggling with hard water problems, check out KENT’s Water Softeners and choose the one that meets your requirements. You can avail a FREE product demo at your doorstep by calling #9582-123456 or by booking a demo here

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