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How KENT Washing Machine Water Softener works

Fading of colours on clothes and a change in the way the fabric feels are some of the common post-wash issues faced by many. If you are also experiencing something similar, one of the most common reasons for it is the hardness of the water. The supplied water that you are using might contain high levels of Calcium and Magnesium in it, making the hardness level high. The presence of a higher concentration of these minerals is the main reason behind your clothes becoming rough and dull after wash.

To get rid of hard water and the eventual laundry problems, it is important that you get your water tested from an expert. Request for a FREE home visit to check the actual level of hardness in your water supply and to get the right solution.

Is Detergent the Reason for your Faded Clothes?

Are the colours on your clothes fading even after using a good detergent powder to wash your clothes? You may also find white and grey streaks on coloured fabrics and solid build-up on other clothes. The reason is not your detergent; the root cause is hard water. No matter what detergent you use for cleaning your clothes, you will still find that it does not produce lather effectively, which is one of the disadvantages of getting hard water supply. Additionally, hard water also leaves reddish brown streaks on your clothes and makes the fabric weak that tears easily. To solve all these problems, you need to take care of the hard water supply first and a water softener is a right solution.

KENT Washing Machine Softener

How KENT Washing Machine Water Softener can be Helpful

Installing KENT Washing Machine Water Softener will be a permanent solution to keep the lustre of your clothes and ensure they remain soft. The machine converts hard water into soft using Ion-Exchange process where Calcium and Magnesium Ions are replaced with Sodium or Potassium Ions. It also helps in generating extra lather by consuming less detergent and water while washing. Besides these, the water softener also comes with other useful features collated below:

Easy to Install

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener can be easily installed and operated. You can attach the machine to the main inlet line so that the water flows through it before it reaches the washing machine.

Compact Design

The washing Machine water softener has a convenient design that makes it easy installation in tight spaces. It’s intelligent and convenient design makes it more stylish and functional.

Increases the Life of your Washing Machine

Hard water directly entering the washing machine can damage its parts and can even decrease the washing efficiency. KENT’s water softener can convert hard water into soft and help in preventing the scale build-up along the walls of the machine. Installing the water softener can increase the competence of your washing machine as well.

4-step regeneration process

The Washing Machine Water Softener works on a 4-step easy regeneration process. It comes with a separate salt chamber, where you just need to add normal table salt to complete the regeneration process.

The water softener not just makes the washing water soft but also improves the overall process of laundry, keeping your clothes in good shape for longer.

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