Why Should We Wash Fruits and Vegetables before Eating?

The fruits and vegetables you eat are loaded with pesticides and chemicals, making it harmful to human health. Pesticides are primarily used for the cultivation of crops and in some cases as residues. Fruits and vegetable, however, possess a highly unacceptable amount of pesticides. High levels of chemicals and pesticides pose a threat to human health by damaging nervous and reproductive systems, disrupting the immune system and may even lead to cancer. The risk factors make it necessary to wash vegetables in the right way to stay safe from diseases. Read on to find out why is important to clean fresh vegetables and fruits before consumption.

Fruits and Vegetables Should be Washed before Eating

How to Remove Pesticides from Fruits and Vegetables?

Pesticides and chemicals keep the food items safe from insects and pests. However, the residue of the pesticides and chemicals stay on the produce, which can be life-threatening at times. Washing fruits and vegetables with water don’t remove the harmful pesticides and chemicals from the surface. So, how do you ensure that the fruits and vegetables you eat are completely safe. Here are some useful tips, which help you remove pesticides and other chemicals from fruits and vegetables:

  • Wash with Salt- Water 

According to the Centre for Science and Environment, washing fruits and vegetables with 2% salt-water helps in removing most of the pesticide present on the surface of fruits. Also, be more careful before consuming fruits and vegetables such as grapes, guava, apple, mangoes, peaches, tomatoes, eggplant or brinjal as they might carry more chemicals and pesticides.

  • Vinegar Soak

Vinegar Soak - Washing Apple before eating

Make a solution with 10% vinegar, 90% water and soak all your fruits and veggies in them and stir them thoroughly. Be careful while washing fruits with thin peel such as berries as the solution can damage their outer skin.

  • Soak Fruits and Vegetables in Warm Water

Keeping your food and vegetable in warm water for a short will help you remove pesticides and chemicals from the surface of fruits and vegetables.

  • Peel the Outer Skin

Peeling is another efficient way to remove residue and comes highly recommended, especially when there might be some chemicals on the surface of the fruit.

Which Food Items are at a Higher Risk?

While all the food items get contaminated easily, some food items harbor more contaminants than others. Be extra vigilant when it comes to the following food items:

Melons: The exterior of melon is rough, which is the reason why rinsing it will not remove the dirt and contaminants present on the surface. Use a vegetable and fruit cleaner to remove the contaminants from the surface of the food items. In addition, after washing the fruit after cutting to avoid transferring any kind of contaminants that may be present on the chopping board or knife.

Sprouts: The thumb rule is to avoid storing sprouts for a long time. Eat the sprouts within 1 or 2 days of buying. Make sure you keep sprouts refrigerated and wash them before consumption.

Organic Produce: Even if you buy organic produce, make sure you wash them before consumption. Organic produce has pathogens, which is the reason why you need to wash the organic produce in KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner.

Homegrown Produce: Homegrown veggies also need to be washed with care. If you have pets or have the garden in an open area, you need to be extra careful with the cleaning homegrown produce.

Best way to wash vegetables and fruits

KENT Vegetable Purifier

Merely washing vegetables and fruits with plain water doesn’t remove all the pesticides and residues. Simply washing, peeling, or keeping them in warm water won’t make it germ-free. Using KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner is the best and most effective way of washing vegetable and fruits. Kent Ozone Vegetable Purifier is a stylish, innovative and effective appliance, which removes germs from fruits and vegetables. The appliance works on ozone technology killing harmful pathogens and microorganisms. The vegetable cleaner from KENT can also clean antibiotics and hormones present in meat, fish, and seafood.

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