Tips to Make the Perfect Freshly Baked Bread at Home

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So, you are planning to start baking fresh bread at home. Thanks to KENT Atta and Bread Maker, preparing freshly baked bread is no longer a problem. The automatic appliance reduces the hassle of manual kneading which is time-consuming and tiring. However, if you are a beginner, there are some easy tips that you need to know to ensure that the bread turns out as expected. Here are 5 tips for beginners to make the perfect bread at home.

Select the Right Yeast

Yeast is the main ingredient for making the perfect bread. However, there are different types of yeast available in the market-fresh, fast-acting dried and active dried. So, before you start with the baking process, you need to check the type of bread you are making. Fast-acting or easy-blend dried yeast is the best option to go for if you are baking bread at home. These are the easiest types of yeast you can use for baking.

Add the Right Quantity of Ingredients

Adding the right amount of ingredients is the secret to making the perfect bread. A slight fluctuation in any of the ingredients will completely ruin the taste of the bread. Too much heat, for instance, will kill the yeast, which is the reason why you need to avoid using hot water. Before you add water to the KENT Atta and Bread Maker, make sure that you check the temperature.

Add Vitamin C

This is a best-kept secret that many bakers won’t share with you. You can either get a small pouch of vitamin C powder or crush a Vitamin C tablet and add a pinch of it. Vitamin C helps in strengthening the gluten present in flour, which gives a better rise to the bread. This is especially necessary if you are making wholemeal bread. This hack is very useful especially if you are using a bread-making machine. However, avoid adding Vitamin C powder if you are making bread manually and need to leave it for a long time to rise.

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Keep a watch on the Proving Time

This is a common mistake that many people make when baking bread for the first time. The rising time of bread varies depending on the recipe and room temperature. However, the standard proving time for all the bread is approximately 1.5 hours. Don’t leave the dough for proving overnight as the dough will eventually sink back as a result of the carbon dioxide generated by the yeast.

Don’t Over Bake the Bread

Many people make the common mistake of putting the bread dough in the oven and forgetting about it. You need to keep a close eye on the oven to ensure that the bread is not over-baked. If the bread turns brown more quickly, rotate the side. However, this problem can be completely avoided with the help of KENT Atta and Bread Maker. All you need to do is add the ingredients and select the correct menu.

Last Few Words

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Considering the increasing amount of adulteration in foods, it is advisable to opt for home-cooked dishes. Thanks to the number of smart chef appliances, you can prepare everything starting from bread, and noodles to momos at home. The appliances ensure that you enjoy your favorite dishes right at home without any preservatives.

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