The Harmful Effects of Preservatives on your Health

Harmful Effects of Preservatives

The levels of food contamination have reached an all-new level. To preserve the taste, freshness, and color of the foods, even fresh fruits and vegetables are loaded with chemicals and preservatives. Taking into consideration the increased use of chemicals and preservatives, it is extremely important to avoid junk food. However, when it comes to fresh fruits and vegetables, it is impossible to avoid them considering their dietary significance. This is the reason why it is extremely important to wash fruits and vegetables in the right way using a vegetable and fruit cleaner. To help you understand the side effects of preservatives, in this blog we discuss the diseases caused by excessive use of preservatives.

Types of Preservatives in Food

There are two types of preservatives that are mostly used:

1. Natural Preservatives

There are some preservatives that don’t use any chemicals to alter the composition or are not mixed with any synthetic items. These preservatives have antioxidant properties, which delay the oxidation or aging process of food items. Sugar, oil, and salt are some of the naturally occurring preservatives. This is the reason why pickles last for years as a result of the combination of oil and salt. Curing, jellying fermentation, and freezing are some of the natural methods to preserve foods.

2. Artificial Preservatives

These preservatives are artificially produced and also synthetic in nature. Food products that have artificial preservatives come with ‘additive’ food labels. Jams, different types of spreads, packed juices, ketchup, and baked foods are loaded with artificial preservatives. This is the reason why you need to check the food label carefully before purchasing a food item.

Are all Preservatives Bad for Health?

As the name suggests, preservatives are used to preserve food items. These preservatives help in increasing the shelf life of food items and also maintain the flavor of food for a long time. However, all preservatives used in food items are not bad for health. Natural preservatives, which are used to preserve food ‘as is’ are not harmful to your health. The reason is they are not mixed with synthetic items and the chemical composition is not altered.

Artificial or Chemical preservatives which are used to delay the contamination of foods are the ones that lead to health problems. These preservatives are artificially produced and synthetic in nature. These are often labeled as additives on food labels.

Diseases Caused by Preservatives

Using a lot of preservatives has a negative impact on your health. Listed below are some of the health problems that you may suffer from if you eat foods loaded with preservatives.

1. Heart Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases have become quite common and the presence of preservatives on food items is one of the main causes of increasing heart problems. Research conducted by InChem suggested that food preservatives can weaken the heart tissues. When you consume food items that have a residue of the preservative on the surface, it can increase the chances of heart damage.

2. Breathing Problems

Preservatives and chemicals present in food items also increase the chances of breathing problems. According to research by MayoClinic, removing foods with preservatives from the diet can help in reducing the symptoms as well as the severity of breathing problems and asthma. Some of the preservatives present in food items such as aspartame, sulfites, and benzoates aggravate breathing problems.

3. Cancer

One of the most harmful effects of preservatives on food items is their ability to transform into carcinogen agents. Some of the food items consist of nitrosamines, a preservative that has nitrites and nitrates, which mix with the gastric acids and form cancer-causing agents. To ensure that you avoid eating this preservative, you need to avoid snacks or meals that are loaded with nitrites and nitrates.


Kent Fruit and Vegetable Purifiers

Those were some of the harmful effects of preservatives on your health. Considering these harmful effects, it is advisable to pay special attention to what you eat. Avoid junk as much as possible and make sure you wash the fruits and vegetables with care. Instead of washing the food items with plain water, you can use the vegetable and fruit cleaner from KENT, which helps in removing chemicals and pesticides from the surface of the food. To find out more about KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner, click here.

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