The Essential Safety Tips to Follow when Using a Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaner safety tips

Vacuum cleaners have made cleaning your home easier and time-saving. However, no matter how compact and handy the vacuum cleaner is, you need to follow the necessary safety tips to avoid accidents. Many people are not aware of the fact that using the vacuum cleaner carelessly may expose them to a lot of danger. Following the safety tips not only keeps you safe but also ensures that the appliance lasts long. So, in this blog.

5 Tips That You Need to Follow When Using a Vacuum Cleaner

1. Don’t Vacuum without Slippers

Whether you are using a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner, make sure you wear slippers whenever you clean the house. There are times when you vacuum too quickly when you are running short of time. In such a scenario, there is a chance that your toe may get stuck in the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner. To avoid injury, make sure you take enough time to vacuum properly. In case you are vacuuming the carpet, make sure you lift the carpet to avoid injuries.

2. Keep Children and Pets at a Safe Distance

Children and pets tend to have a curiosity about every appliance they come across. Leaving the vacuum cleaner unattended, especially if you have pets or children at home, make sure you switch off the appliance when you are not using it. Keep children or your pets out of the room when you are vacuuming to avoid accidents.

3. Avoid Picking up Large Objects

This is a common mistake that many people make which can lead to a number of accidents. Don’t try to pick up large objects forcibly with the vacuum cleaner, especially metal objects, as it will spoil the fan of the motor. In addition, picking up metal not only leads to costly repairs but also fatal accidents. Always remember that the task of a vacuum cleaner is to pick up dust, dirt, and small particles that you can’t see or pick yourself up.

4. Store the Cords Safely

Tripping on the cords is a common accident that can lead to serious accidents. Make sure you loop the wires properly before you store the vacuum cleaner. When you use the vacuum cleaner, make sure there are minimal knots and it’s not tangled. In addition, avoid using the vacuum cleaner at sharp corners as it may cut or overstretch the cord.

5. Avoid Flammable Materials

When using the vacuum cleaner, avoid cleaning flammable or toxic materials. As vacuum cleaner runs on electricity, cleaning flammable or toxic material is likely to cause a fire. Before you start vacuuming, make sure you check the area to avoid accidents.

Last Few Words

Cleaning becomes a lot easier when you use a vacuum cleaner. However, using the appliance without the following safety measures can lead to serious accidents. Whether you are using corded, cordless, bagged or bagless vacuum cleaners, make sure you follow the safety tips to avoid any accidents. To find out more about our range of vacuum cleaners, click here.

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