Steaming v/s Boiling Vegetables- Which is a Better Option?

Steaming Vs Boiling

Time and again you are advised to include a lot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Research by the Harvard School of Public Health recommends consuming at least 2-6 cups of fruits and vegetables a day.  However, including fruits and vegetables in your diet is not enough if you don’t follow the right cooking method. Considering the excessive levels of pesticides and chemicals present on the surface of fruits and vegetables, you need to take special care to clean and cook them in the right way. Steaming and boiling are the two common cooking methods that you can resort to so that you eat safely. The question is which method is a better option when it comes to preserving the essential nutrients? Read the blog to find out.

The Right Way to Wash Vegetables

Vegetable Cleaner

Before you steam or boil vegetables, washing them in the right way is of utmost importance. The traditional methods of washing vegetables under running water don’t remove the various types of food contaminants that can lead to a number of health problems. This is the reason why you need to take the help of KENT Vegetable and Fruit Cleaner. The appliance uses ozone disinfection technology to kill bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pathogens present on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

Boiling Vegetables

When you boil vegetables, some of the nutrients leach out of the fruits and vegetables. As a result, boiling the food items for a longer period of time results in losing many essential nutrients. However, cooking soup and broth is a healthy option as you end up drinking the broth along with the rest of the vegetables. However, if you are cooking some vegetables as a side dish, boiling them in plain water will result in losing the essential nutrients. In case you overcook the vegetables, they lose their color and flavor.

Steaming Vegetables

Steaming consists of cooking the vegetables briefly and removing them from the heat. You can use a saucepan with a cover to steam the vegetables. The aim of steaming vegetables is to ensure that the veggies are not raw. As the vegetables are not boiled, they don’t lose the essential nutrients. Steaming also keeps the vegetables crisp and bright. In short, if you want to preserve the color, taste, and nutrients of the vegetables, you need to steam them instead of boiling them.

Which is healthier – Steaming or Boiling

As steaming doesn’t rob the vegetables of their essential nutrients, it is advisable to steam the vegetables instead of boiling them. However, before you steam the vegetables, make sure you wash them in the right way to remove harmful chemicals from the surface. The only way to remove the harmful substances from the surface of vegetables is by using KENT Vegetable Cleaner, which uses Ozone disinfection technology to make food items safe for consumption.

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