Solve the Hard Water Problem with Water Softener

How to convert hard water into soft water

Water, the next name of life, is essential for a number of purposes such as drinking, bathing, washing clothes, utensils, and many other purposes. However, the presence of a number of impurities and salts makes water unfit for consumption as well as for other usages in many areas. With the help of a water purifier, you can easily remove contaminants present in water to stay safe from diseases. However, most places in India get hard water, which is not very harmful to health but leads to scaling on pipes, utensils as well as kitchen fixtures. This is where a water softener can be of great help. The blog discusses the ways to identify hard water and different types of water softener that you can use to handle the problem.

How to Identify Hard Water?

hard water remove by water softener
How to Identify that Water is Hard

The following points mentioned below will help you identify if you receive hard water.

  • Check the cutlery as well as glassware. The presence of white stains on the cutleries or glassware is a sign that you receive hard water.
  • If you face the problem of itchy skin or dry hair all of a sudden, this may indicate that you receive hard water at home.
  • If clothes and fabrics lose shine and color after every wash, it indicates that you get hard water.
  • The presence of scale build-up in appliances is also an indication of the presence of hard water.
  • Hard water also leaves stains on the sink and bathtub.
  • Scale build-up on your plumbing fixtures also indicates that you receive hard water.

Though hard water doesn’t lead to diseases, it would build up excessive expenses. So, using the best water softener for home becomes a much-needed option for all.

The Harmful Effects of Hard Water

Hard water has a negative impact on your hair and skin. Excessive hair fall, dry and itchy skin, and bumpy patches are all an indication that you receive hard water. The excessive calcium and magnesium present in hard water make it difficult for the cleaning products to dissolve well in the water. This is the reason why hard water leads to excessive hair fall and skin problems. Babies are at a higher risk as they have sensitive skin. Using hard water for bathing babies may increase the risk of eczema, rashes, and skin problems.

How Can Water Softeners for Home Bring a Difference?

Usage of a water softener can eliminate the adverse effects of hard water to a great extent. A water softener removes hardness in water by eliminating sodium (salt) from the water.

  • Water Softener for Bathroom: If you want a compact and easy-to-use water softener, you need to opt for a water softener for bathrooms. Water softener for bathrooms removes the calcium and magnesium from the inlet hard water, thereby reducing the impact of hard water by 30%. Soft water protects your hair, forms more lather, and also consumes less water when washing clothes or utensils. Soft water also keeps clothes soft, clean, and white and also enhances the life of clothes.
  • Water Softener for Home:
  • Soft water also ensures that there are no stains or buildup. A water softener can also be used for cleaning floors.

Studying the cause of water hardness and ensuring that people don’t get affected by it, KENT has introduced three models of water softener for the convenience of the users. Here’s a detailed description of the water softeners available:

KENT Autosoft 11039 – Water Softener for Whole House

KENT Autosoft 11039 - Whole House Water Softener
KENT Autosoft 11039 – Whole House Water Softener

It is one of the best hard water softeners that is based on patented technology that allows complete automatic regeneration through 5 stages. The stages of regeneration are normal, backwash, recharging, flushing, and brine refill. It can be installed before or after the overhead storage tank to ensure that soft water is supplied to the whole house. The model also has an LCD panel (operating panel) that will allow the user to operate the water softener according to the individual need.

How to Convert Hard Water to Soft Water for Bathing

KENT Bathroom Water Softner
KENT Bathroom Water Softener

KENT Bathroom Water Softener is another model, which is compact in design and can supply soft water 24×7. Easy to install and operate, the water softener holds the ability to convert hard water into soft by exchanging hard salts of calcium and magnesium with sodium and potassium. KENT Bathroom Water Softener uses 2 steps regeneration process, which can be easily executed by the users making it extremely convenient.

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

KENT Washing Machine Softener
KENT Washing Machine Water Softener

KENT Washing Machine Water Softener converts hard water into soft which helps in generating extra lather. The water softener is made exclusively for washing machines, which saves detergent and water. This Water Softener for Washing machines converts hard water into soft by replacing salts such as calcium and magnesium with sodium through an ion-exchange process.

Those were some of the reasons to use a water softener. The useful appliance ensures that there is no buildup and also uses less water or detergent. So, install the best water softener in your home today and get ready to feel and experience the actual difference between hard water and soft water.

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