Solve the Hard Water Problem with Water Softener

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Water is the next name of life, and it is essential for many uses, like drinking, washing clothes, utensils and for many other purposes. Water that is used for drinking gets purified with the help of water purifier, so the question of waterborne diseases in minimizing. But, nowadays, people are dealing with a new issue that is “hard water”. So, what is hard water and why water softener is needed? In simple term, you can say that water that has a high quantity of dissolved minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulphur, iron, carbonate and manganese is termed as hard water. You get hard water depending on the place where you reside. Contaminants from sewage wastes from industries and even excess run off of fertilizers, pesticides can easily seep into the water supply and make the water hard.

How to Identify that Water is Hard?

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It is very easy to identify that the water you are using is hard and some of the ways are mentioned below:

  • The first thing is by looking at the cutlery products, glass products and even the dishes that you wash. If you find white stains after being washed then the water is hard water.
  • Since the hard water is contaminated with different minerals, you would find stains, fogginess and even white spots in your utensils.
  • Hard water contains calcium and magnesium and this can cause itchy dry skin and dull hair as well, which is another way to identify hard water.
  • If clothes and fabrics are getting faded or scratchy due to regular wash then it is obvious that it is due to the usage of hard water and you should use a water softener.
  • If scale gets build up on your appliances then it is certain that you are using hard water.
  • Stains on sink and bathtub is another sign of hard water.
  • Regular plumbing due to the build-up of lime scale is another way that you can find water is hard.

Hard water counts lesser issues to health, but it would build up excessive expenses. So, using the best water softener for home becomes a much-needed option for all.

How Water Softener for Home Can Bring a Difference?

Usage of water softener can eliminate the adverse effects of hard water to a great extent. It softens the hard water by eliminating the sodium (salt) for hard minerals and making it softer to use.

  • Water Softener for Bathroom: Water softener added in a bathroom would soften the hard water and works accordingly to remove the calcium and magnesium from the inlet water thereby reducing the impact of hard water by 30%. You can feel the difference while bathing because the soap and the shampoo that you use would lather in a better way and even your hair and skin will not get dry. Moreover, clothes washed using the water collected from water softer would be softer, cleaner and whiter. It can also enhance the life of the clothes.
  • Water Softener for Home: Dishes washed with the water coming from water softener would clean up more easily without leaving any stains/spots. You can also wash the floor and make the surface clean as well.

So, now you have comprehended that how the usage of the water softener is beneficial. The best thing is that it easily removes the adverse effects of the hard water by eradicating the hard water ions and making the water soft. Studying about the cause of water hardness and ensuring that people don’t get affected by it, KENT has introduced two models under this genre. One is Kent Mini Water Softener and the other one is Kent Autosoft 110039 Water Softener.

KENT Autosoft 110039 – Water Softener for Whole House

KENT Autosoft 255 Water Softener

It is one of the best water softeners that is based on patented technology that allows complete automatic regeneration through 5 stages. The stages of regeneration are normal, backwash, recharging, flushing and brine refill. It can be installed before or after the overhead storage tank to ensure that soft water is supplied to the whole house. The model also has LCD panel (operating panel) that will allow the user to operate the water softener according to the individual need.

KENT Mini – Compact Water Softener

kent mini water softener

This is another model under this range and that is namely KENT Mini water softener, which is compact in designed and can be easily fitted in all types of household appliances. Easy to install and operate, the model holds the ability to convert hard water into soft by exchanging hard salts of calcium and magnesium with sodium. Moreover, Kent Mini Water Softener can be easily fitted to the washing machine, geyser, shower as well as dishwasher, to provide soft water to each of its sources.

So, install the best water softener in your home today and get ready to feel and experience the actual difference between the hard water and soft water.

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