Getting Rashes Every Time You Shower? You May Need a Water Softener!

A lot of people experience itchy, dry skin or hives on their skin after taking a shower. In order to get rid of the itchiness and skin irritation, they use lotions and other cosmetic products. But little do they know, that’s only a temporary solution to their post-shower skin problems. The actual cause of these skin problems is hard water. Hard water doesn’t rinse away soap from the surface of the skin easily, owing to the excessive amount of Calcium and Magnesium in it. This removes the natural oil from the skin thereby making it dry, rough and itchy. Hard water also dries up the pores in your skin, making the condition worse.

How to protect your skin from hard water

The consequences of using hard water on your skin are scary, but the good news is that a water softener can fight these problems with ease. Read on to know how.

How to Protect your Skin from Hard Water

The best way to prevent skin problems arising from the usage of hard water is to install a water softener. It uses Ion-Exchange process to remove hard minerals like Calcium and Magnesium, replacing them with Sodium Ions, making the water soft. Soft water can help in easily rinsing the soap away from your body, ensuring you are not left with a residue that gives way to skin problems. This can keep your skin soft, supple and can help in keeping skin problems at bay.

Which Water Softener to Choose

Your skin is one of the most sensitive parts of your body and you should settle for nothing less than the best water softener when it comes to investing in one. To meet this demand, KENT has introduced various kinds of water softeners in the market. The water softener buying guide will help you select the right water softener that meets your specific needs. KENT Autosoft, a water softener for your entire home, can be placed before or after the overhead storage tank. This water softener ensures that the water you receive for your entire house is soft and free from hardness. Another model that you can install at home to receive soft water is KENT Bathroom Water Softener. You can install it in the inlet line to the geyser and receive soft water, which can be helpful for your skin and hair.

Effects of hard water on the skin should not be ignored and taken lightly. Install a water softener at your home today. Know more about KENT water softeners for healthy hair and healthy skin.

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