How to remove excess iron from water supply? – The Best Way

how to remove excess Iron from Water

Did you know that 5% of earth’s crust is made of iron? Basic elementary level science identifies iron as contributor of yellow, red and brown colour to rocks and soil. Iron is responsible for red colour in blood cells. Hence, iron proves to be an important metal in our lives. But is iron good in water? No. Iron in water can lead to serious health issues, like diarrhoea, cholera, chronic cholic infections and even poor immunity. It even tastes and smells bad.

How to identify the presence of iron in water?

Basically, there are two forms of iron present in water. One is Ferrous Iron and the other one is Ferric Iron. Ferrous iron dissolves in water. Ferric iron is the oxidized form of iron which precipitates as yellow, brown or red and turns water into yellow or brown in colour. Ferrous iron, on the other hand, does not influence the colour of water. However, it does give a metallic taste to water.

In short, if water appears to be brownish or yellowish in colour, accompanied with an unpleasant taste, then it has iron content in it. One can use an iron removal filter, like KENT iron removal filter to remove excess iron from water and get rid of the above-mentioned problems.

What are the adverse effects of excess iron in water, on human health?

effect of iron in water on human health

Presence of excess iron in water causes stains in the bathroom and results in clogged pipes. But more serious is the presence of iron in drinking water, it is a serious threat to human health. Usually the amount of iron found in drinking water is 10 milligrams per litre, but even 0.3 milligram per litre can turn water into yellow or brown in colour.

If too much of iron is absorbed by the intestines, then it can pose as a lethal threat to human body.

7 Ways of iron removal from water

Moving forward, we will discuss the ways of iron removal from water. There are various ways to perform the job. Removal of iron from water depends on the source like borewell, well, municipal etc. and type of iron.

Here are 7 ways of iron removal from water:

  1. Shock Chlorination
  2. Chemical Oxidization
  3. Catalytic Filtration
  4. Phosphate Treatment
  5. Oxidizing filters
  6. Water Softeners
  7. Iron Removal Filter

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Which is the best way to remove excess iron from water?

KENT Iron Removal Filter

The smartest and the best way of iron removal is to install an Iron Removal Filter.

This appliance is easily installable and complies with home safety norms too. KENT Iron Removal filter is one such product in this category. The high-quality media in it, ensures efficient removal of iron particles present in water and at the same time increases the life of the filter.

KENT Iron Removal Filter is a high capacity filter which removes excess iron from water. It works best for domestic as well as borewell water. It works on non-electric process and looks elegant. This whole house filter uses high quality activated carbon, best Iron Removal Media and Gravel Sand Media. It removes iron particles from the water with efficacy. It also comes with an easy regeneration process, which spares you the effort of cleaning the iron removal filter manually, thus providing you clean and contamination free water. Visit our website to know more about KENT iron removal filter:

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