4 Effective Tips to Deal with Dry Skin in Winter

How to Avoid Dry Skin in Winter

Come winter, almost everyone has chapped dry skin. Though a few people are blessed with exceptionally good skin, the rest of us need to take special care to protect our skin from damage. However, the weather is not the only factor that you should blame for your excessively dry skin. A lot of factors have an impact on our skin texture. Unfortunately, most of us either ignore or are completely unaware of these factors. So, in this blog, we discuss the causes and some of the effective winter care tips that work wonders and keep your skin healthy even during winter.

#Cause1: You Use Hard Water

When it comes to the causes of dry skin, hard water tops the list. Hard water contains excessive amounts of calcium and magnesium, which leave a thin layer on your skin. This thin layer, which is also known as soap scum, blocks your skin from absorbing moisture, thereby making it excessively dry and dull.

#Tip1: Use a Water Softener

Use water softener to avoid hard water dry skin problems

The only way to deal with hard water and dry skin is by using soft water. The traditional methods of softening water don’t work out. This is the reason why you need to install a KENT Bathroom Water Softener. The compact appliance uses an ion-exchange process to make hard water soft without using electricity and chemicals. As a result, you can get soft water on demand, thereby helping you save your skin from hard water damage.

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#Cause 2: You Use Extra Hot Water

Winter is the time to enjoy extra-long hot baths and relax. But, do you know that using too much hard water also makes your skin dull and dry. Even if you use soft water to take a bath, using excessively hot water will make your skin dry. Extra hot water strips your skin of its natural moisture.

#Tip 2: Switch to Luke Warm Water

Instead of taking a bath in piping hot water, opt for lukewarm water. Another way to retain moisture is by taking a shorter bath, which prevents your skin from dryness and dullness. Lastly, use heavy moisture on your damp skin to lock moisture and keep your skin healthy.

# Cause 3: You are Not Using the Right Moisturizer

Moisturizer is something that you can’t do without, especially in winter. However, the type of moisturizer you use varies in every season. While a thin moisturizer is perfect for summer, using the same will not serve your purpose during winter. In fact, this is a common mistake that most of us make during winter, which results in excessively dry and chapped skin.

# Tip 3: Use a Heavy Moisture

Change your moisturizer and switch to something that is heavy and hydrating. Your skin needs hydration every day, which is provided when you use a moisturizer that boosts your skin and provides long-lasting hydration. Go for moisturizers that have aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to keep your skin soft.

# Cause 4: You are Following the Wrong Diet

Your skin reflects your eating habits. This is the reason why it is necessary to follow a healthy diet according to the weather conditions. Unfortunately, a lot of us follow the same diet throughout the year, which has an effect on our skin.

# Tip 4: Change your Diet

diet for winter to avoid dry skin

To maintain your skin health, make sure you follow a diet that is rich in walnuts, olive oil, and avocados. In addition, make sure you don’t drink a lot of caffeine in winter as it has a negative effect on your skin. Staying hydrated is also important to keep your skin healthy during winter.

Last Few Words

If you are tired of dull and dry skin every winter, the skin care tips for winter mentioned above will help you avoid dry skin problems. While most of us use a lot of moisturizing creams and oils, hard water is something that we tend to ignore completely. The combination of dry weather along with hard water takes a toll on your skin, making it excessively dry and dull. Installing a water softener will help you avoid the harmful effects and keep your skin healthy. To find out more about water softeners, click here.

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