Health Tips – How a Cold Pressed Juicer Can Help Nightshift Workers!

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A dynamic and globalized work environment demands you to work even during odd hours, often occasionally and sometimes on a regular basis. Even though the night shift is a professional demand, considering you may have to coordinate with clients or partners working in a different time zone, however letting it affect your health is not a viable option. From an adverse effect on the sleep cycle to poor eating habits, night shifts can trigger the development of certain habits that may have a detrimental effect on health at a later stage of life.

To stay fit and healthy, if you are working night shifts, it is imperative to follow a strict, healthy lifestyle and diet. Sleep is yet another component one should care for. Health experts advise a minimum of 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Although most people are already aware of these recommendations, they find it challenging to incorporate it into their daily lives.

So, what’s the easy way to embrace optimal health measures when you have a hectic schedule or if you are working graveyard shifts? The key is to make healthy lifestyle choices. This means no more skipping meals or overeating. Reducing sugar intake and most importantly having nutritious quick-fix meals that are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients.

When it comes to quick-fix meals, home-prepared vegetables and fruit juices cannot miss your diet. Easy to make and loaded with vital nutrients and minerals, a glass full of juice will help you stay energetic throughout the shift.  Read also more Health Tips for Night Workers

Health Benefits Food & Tips for Night Workers

If you are a night worker struggling with your health? It’s important to take care of yourself with the right foods and habits. Discover the best health benefits food and night shift health tips to keep you energized and healthy during those long, overnight shifts. Learn how to maintain a healthy sleep schedule, what foods to eat to boost your energy, and other helpful tips to stay healthy and alert on the night shift.

1. Helps you resist unhealthy eating habits

While you may stock your fridge with vegetables and fruits to avoid unhealthy eating, it is difficult to find time to prepare a nutritious meal. On the contrary, extracting a glass of wholesome juice is easier. However, ensure that you consume juice either before leaving for work or after returning home. Avoid having juice with meals, as it may hinder the absorption of nutrients in your body. Try out the green juice magic, a mix of apple, cucumber, and celery that will keep you energized and your tummy happy for long.

To get the maximum advantage out of your juice, try out cold-pressed juicers built with advanced technology that retain dietary fiber in juices. If you are still struggling with centrifugal juicers, try using a cold-pressed juicer. This juicer machine not only makes it easy to extract juice but also makes it taste better.  So, next time when you feel hungry between work and want a short break, just take out your jar of homemade juice. You need to keep stress snacking and pastime eating at bay, and make fresh juice consumption a part of your daily diet.

2. Easy to make and carry

It is necessary to eat something healthy when you get back from your shift. It is advised not to sleep on an empty stomach. Juices are a great alternative if you don’t feel like eating something solid. Extracting fresh juice is easy with a cold-pressed juicer, and it just takes a few minutes to be ready. Kent cold pressed juicer not only assists in faster juice extraction but also ensures that more fibers are retained in the juice to keep your digestive system on track.

3. Reduces caffeine consumption

Those who work at odd hours, rely more on caffeine to keep themselves energetic and awake. Over a period of time, caffeine dependence can affect your gastrointestinal system leading to indigestion and cyst. Hence, it is necessary to reduce caffeine consumption and avoid it entirely at least four to five hours before the end of the shift. This will help you switch to a relaxed state fast and induce sleep easily after you reach home. Try replacing tea and coffee with healthy juices as a source of energy and supplement.

4. Helps you drink more fluids

Carrying freshly-made juices to the workplace is a great way to treat your body with vital fluids and nutrients. Excess caffeine consumption often suppresses the urge to drink water which can lead to dehydration. However, if you replace caffeinated drinks with green or citrus juices, you end up consuming more water, thus keeping your body hydrated and healthy.

5. Makes you feel good about your health

Once you start drinking juices regularly, you will observe positive changes in your body and overall health. You will feel energetic and your skin will exude radiance and glow. For individuals who work night shifts often don’t have time for jogging or exercise. Instead, they should stick to a healthy diet to compensate for the lack of workouts. The best you can do for your health is to ensure the intake of essential nutrients in the right proportions. Drinking Juice is one of the easiest ways to do so. So, why not make it part of your life?

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